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The Millionaire's Morning Routine

7 Daily Habits Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Practice to Grow Their Business without Exhaustion & Burnout

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➡️4 Little Known Techniques To Generate Peak Performance Mentally & Physically

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What Others Are Saying:

Carol Fawcett

I absolutely love Sailynn’s Millionaire Morning Routine! I never thought I had time for “me” at the beginning of my day—I’d always just jump right into work, thinking that was the most productive thing to do. But what I learned is if I take the time for myself in the morning, it’s as if I have MORE time for my business and I am MORE productive. How you start out your day really does frame the rest of your day. Sailynn offers so much value!

Meredith Carter

I love Sailynn's The Millionaire's Morning Routine! If you are looking for something to help you start a morning routine or take your morning routine to the next level, Sailynn and her Millionaire's Morning Routine is just what you need! I always say win your morning, win your day and Sailynn can help you do just that!

A Personal Note from Sailynn...

Hey there! I’m Sailynn, The "Fun" Business Coach. I help women entrepreneurs implement sustainable business strategies so you can have fun and make a ton!  

I have had one goal my whole life...To have the FREEDOM to do:
1) What I Want 2) When I Want and 3) From Where I Want!

That goal motivated me to build a business that allowed me to retire before age 40, travel the world, and be present for family and friends!

But it hasn’t always been this way...

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2007 with a dream to build a senior home care business. Just 3 years into business, I was working 80+ hour weeks, was on-call 24/7 and could not figure out how to work any less. I was burnt out, stressed beyond belief, and my life balance was totally skewed!

My saving grace was my mom's friend who was a business coach. He met with me at her insistence because she saw me burning out. I agreed and that one meeting changed my journey! I went on to build a multi-million dollar business in part time hours, so I could live my one life!

After retiring in 2017, I was desperate to figure out how I could do it all over again in my new online business, but faster and better!

I wanted to not only figure it out for myself but also inspire other women to do the same, which led me to hire my business coaches. After 9 months of work but not the results I expected, they taught me the importance of a daily morning routine and challenged me to commit for 90 days! This simple daily routine helped me figure out what I wanted and gave me the tools to achieve it. I realized by focusing on the right things I could work less and achieve more.


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