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What Others Are Saying:

Amy Benjamin Moore

Sailynn offers so much value in her "Roadmap to Running a Business that Doesn’t Run You!" As an entrepreneur, who hasn’t felt this way at one moment or another? I appreciated how she laid out the steps that I truly needed to pay attention to as I build my business. I loved how she showed me how to use guided prompts that always led me back to “WHY” I decided to start my business, how to plan for my business, and what numbers I really need to pay attention to in my business. Sailynn is passionate about helping others meet their potential. Pick this up, you will be happy you did!

Brooke Amber

If there is one thing I've learned in life, it's the importance of learning from other people's experiences. Thank you Sailynn for sharing your heart on a few things you missed as you grew your first million dollar business. All the tips you give are going to be so helpful to me! I definitely need to work on Step #3 the most. You give ideas that I never even thought of...can't wait to put this into practice!

A Personal Note from Sailynn...

Hey there! I'm Sailynn and I help women entrepreneurs implement sustainable business strategies so you can have fun and make a ton!

I built a multi-million dollar senior home care franchise that was in the Top 10% for my franchisor and #1 in my service area!

But it wasn't all awards and accolades...

I spent the first 3 years working 80+ hour weeks while being on-call 24/7. I was overworked, overwhelmed, and almost to the point of over it all!

Luckily I enlisted the help of a business coach, who helped me see the importance in building a business based on systems and processes.

From that point on, I shifted my priorities from grinding, to growing a business built for long term success!

My HUGE goal has always been the ability to: 1) Do what I want, 2) When I want, and 3) From where I want!

Which lead me to I selling my multi 7-figure business, my house, and car to start over in our 400 sqft RV by the beach!  Everyone thought I was crazy, because I had built this HUGE business and was working part time, but I was desperate for MORE Freedom!

Now I live simply, in paradise, and coach other business owners how to make their huge goals a reality too!

I am so grateful to share this free guide with you!


The "Fun" Business Coach

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