In 2010, I had built a million dollar business and was earning six figures BUT I was burnt out, exhausted, and wondering how to find a balance between growing my business and living the life I had been dreaming of...

I knew something had to change, so I enlisted the support of my franchise support team and a coach to help me:

  • Figure Out What That Dream Life Actually Looked Like
  • Find a Balance Between Growing My Business and Living My Life
  • Implement Sustainable Business Strategies that Supported Me Mentally & Physically

Once I drew that line in sand and said, its time for a change, everything started to shift!

And that is how I built a Legacy Business! Which allowed me to "retire" before age 40!

Now I share my sustainable strategies inside The Legacy Business School!

Ready to Invest in YOURSELF! 

Choose which option works best for YOU!

Walkie Talkie Coaching

Want easy access to someone when you have a quick question? Having someone that knows you and your business when you have those questions is priceless! 

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The Legacy Business School

The Legacy Business School is the Only Program Where Old School Proven Tactics Meet New School Needs Giving Freedom Driven Entrepreneurs the 4 Pillars to Building a Business That Supports Your Dream Lifestyle!

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Ginger Rayner

"Sailynn and I connected through business ownership of two completely different businesses. I found her trustworthy, professional and friendly just as you would expect any female business owner to be. With one exception. She sparkled with confidence and pride. Her strength illuminates a room. You can feel. You can see it. She knows herself well. Well enough to ask herself the serious questions of life and fully accept the answers. She has helped me through difficult personal times and business decisions not by telling me what SHE would do, but by ASKING me the right questions to guide me towards the answers that would best suit MY needs. This is a remarkable gift and she openly shares this gift of empowerment with all woman who are blessed enough to know her. I have long said COACHING is her calling as she has unselfishly coached me and others to their own greatness. Perhaps sometimes without even realizing it! It is an honor to have been her friend all these years with her candid open responses, her warm loving heart and pure honest, uncanny instinct to boost anyone's morale with her inner light and strength that she shares so effortlessly. It is my personal wish that every woman in the world could be touched by Sailynn as I have or at least get to know her to let her light shine through YOU!"