Are you a woman entrepreneur seeking to scale your revenue WITHOUT working more hours...

Discover The Ultimate 90 Day Group Experience That FINALLY Gets to the Root Cause of Your Business Struggles So You Can STOP:

• The Guilty Feelings of Not Ever Being Fully Present
• Having to Juggle the Never-Ending To-Do List
• Never Having Enough Time to Accomplish All The Things

Expert Inspiration

Guided Implementation

Group Accountability


I get it... Entrepreneurship can be exhausting!

All you want is to...

☑️Get real answers to your questions so you can achieve the goals you set!

🚫Not more tips, hacks, and free training that give you a taste of what you want BUT not what you truly need

☑️Find a clear path to success so you can work on the most important tasks to move you closer to your dream lifestyle of freedom!

🚫Not more generic cookie cutter business advice that doesn't seem to work in your specific business 

☑️Learn from someone who has been able to build a business that supports their dream lifestyle so you can find the same success in your own life!

🚫Not more traditional business-building approaches that require the long hours, endless stress, and lack of financial and personal freedom

☑️Surround yourself with other women who understand your drive for more out of life

🚫Not more judgement over your decisions to keep striving for success

☑️Have a coach who truly practices Work-Life Balance and shows you how to do the same in your own life so you can mirror their path to success!

🚫Not more fake social media posts that make you feel like a failure

☑️Have a supportive group who you can trust and confide in so you can ask those questions that you secretly think about in the middle of the night!

🚫Not more surface level events where you just talk about the weather and count the minutes till its over

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Don't waste another day feeling alone, stuck and frustrated... 

You + The Empowered Entrepreneurs Mastermind = Everything You Need to Work Less, Earn More & Build Female Friendships!

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Join the Exclusive Empowered Entrepreneurs Mastermind

What Are You Waiting For?

You Already Have What It Takes! You Just Need A Guide✔️A Supportive Group✔️& A System✔️

This is a 90 Day Business Reboot to Transform Your Dreams Into Reality!

Achieve Your #1 Goal

Time & Money FREEDOM - the main reason you went into business for yourself is possible and you can FINALLY have it!

Reclaim Your Time

Be fully present for your loved ones who have eagerly awaited your success, freeing yourself from the burden of constant guilt.

Secure Your Future

By transforming your business into a PROFITABLE money making machine that runs 24/7 without you involved in the daily operations!

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What you can expect

Expect the unexpected! 

At the end of our 90 days, with your twice-monthly session participation and consistent work within your business, you will have designed your well oiled money making machine for your specific business!


  • Unlock your full potential, FINALLY achieve the goals you put on the back burner or always seem to fail to crush!


  • Without working more hours or having to find more customers using my Profit Optimization Framework!


  • Achieve more in less time by focusing on the activities that play to your strengths with a proven system.
Count ME IN!

Participant Transformations

"Sailynn is so positive and focused on helping each individual custom build their dream business."

Having the opportunity to mastermind with Sailynn has been such a delight. Her attention to detail in creating systems that will make the vision possible is really helping me get more clarity in my business.

Mel Wilhelm

Success & Happiness Mentor

"I love being a part of this group and am always excited for our next encounter."

Sailynn is the fearless leader of our mastermind group. Her excitement, generosity and encouragement is infectious and she's always spot on with her leadership and direction. 

Martina O'Neal 

Work Stress Coach

Start Your Own Transformation!

Your 90 Day Transformation

For Your Life & Business!

This mastermind will follow The Legacy Business System, which is the blueprint I created to shift from working 80+ hour weeks & being on-call 24/7 to tripling my business revenue & personal paycheck while reducing my hours to just 16 weekly!

Session 1 - Your Business Model Structure

Does your business support your dream lifestyle?

For many women entrepreneurs, we have built businesses from cookie cutter advice which is fine if we were all identical bots... BUT we are not! We each have our unique needs and our business model structure needs to support those!

During this session, we will dive into what you TRULY want your life to look & feel like and how to make small tweaks in your business model structure so it aligns perfectly!

Session 2 - Your Systems

Setting up systems may not sound sexy, but I am sure FREEDOM does!

In order to grow a profitable business while working less, you must have processes in place to improve efficiency, productivity & output.

During session 2 we will dive into your metrics to determine which systems you should start or improve so you can shift to working more effectively!

Session 3 - System Implementation

Once you have your top 3 systems ready to go, we will test drive them to get quicker, better, faster results before you implement!

We will get this done easier, quicker & faster by using a 3 step system to design, refine & implement.

This process will allow you to scale quicker with less work!

Session 4 - Your Support Team

Support is how you free yourself from the daily business operations SO THAT you can spend time with the ones you love the most! 

Do you know that CEOs who excel in delegating generate 33% higher revenue!

How would it feel to increase your revenue by a third right now just by getting some help?

Session 5 - Support Implementation

Onboarding or reorganizing your support team, when done right, will start your life & business transformation!

When you decide you are ready to grow your business and you are SERIOUS about growing, I am going to show you how to do this to avoid the common mistakes most entrepreneurs make when onboarding their support team.

And if you already have a team but don't feel they are supporting you in the way you need, to be free from the daily operations, we will work together to reorganize them to best meet your unique life and business dreams and goals.

Session 6 - Streamline

Structure, Systems & Support are great...

BUT A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IS A BUSINESS THAT runs like a well oiled machine.

We will work together to Implement relevant technology, tools and automations into your daily business operations...Eliminate manual processes and maximize your money making machine's output. 


What's Included

  • 6 Mastermind Sessions held every other week for 90 days - $4,997 Value
  • Lifetime Access & Updates to The Legacy Business School course with 4 Pillar Training Modules - $1,497 Value
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to Facebook Community - $997 Value
  • BONUS: The Time Freedom Finder - $297 Value
  • BONUS: 7-Figure Google Calendar Tutorial - $147 Value
  • BONUS: My Best Implementation Templates - $497 Value
  • BONUS: 90 Days of Group VIP Voxer Support - $1,497 Value


Your Price: $1,000

I Can't Wait to Attend!

Your Leader

Get ready to be inspired.

Hey there, I'm Sailynn... You're BIGGEST Cheerleader for True Time & Money Freedom!

I started my entrepreneurial journey because I was desperate to have control over my time, money and flexibility after working 5 jobs in 7 years due to two layoffs and a short term contract job!

I opened my first business in 2007 by purchasing a senior home care franchise in North Dartmouth, MA. After working 80+ hour weeks and being on-call 24/7 for 3 years, I drew the line in a sand and went on a mission to figure out how to Live More and Work Less!

Within 2 years of implementing my unique system, I was making multiple six figures and working part time my business! I achieved my ultimate goal to retire from my full time career by age 40 and then sold it all to start over in sunny South Florida!

Nowadays I am fulfilling my passions of living life to its fullest while helping other women entrepreneurs do the same by sharing my unique 90 day system to say goodbye to burnout and hello to freedom inside my hybrid-style system designed to give you the support you'd expect from working with a coach 1-1, combined with the flexibility of a self-guided course inside this intimate group mastermind.

I can't wait to share with you this simple system that will FINALLY set you free, so you can live the life you deserve and have a business that supports it!


Your FUN Business Coach

More Transformations

"From building a 7 figure business, to implementing systems that enabled Sailynn to work less and make more, to living a dream life on the beaches of sunny Florida! You literally get to peek inside her head with this course and learn EXACTLY how she did it!."

I have witnessed first hand Sailynn's natural ability to meet you were you are and give you the exact tools and guidance you need to thrive. If you’re ready to step your game up I highly recommend this course.

Jonelle Elizabeth

Grief Support Educator

"The Legacy Business School course has been the link to helping me re-align as an entrepreneur."

This course has been a jump start for me to get back on track and also apply new skills that are going to help me transform my mornings, my business and impact so much of my life. I am so grateful.

Lamara Davis

Owner, Ainkas Jewels 

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More Transformations

"She explains how to stop running your business with an endless set of tasks. That with the right systems in place, you can actually work less."

Sailynn gives a fantastic insight into what mistakes we can fall into in our businesses. Working smarter, not harder, is a skill we all should learn early. I could see myself in her different scenarios as a solo entrepreneur and found her outline of the 4 parts of the business that we need to focus on quite helpful.  Thank you, Sailynn!

Amy Benjamin Moore

Menopause Mentor

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