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Entrepreneurs Survival Guide

Juggling Family, Life & Business!

Turn 15 Minutes of Work Into 150 Minutes of FREE Time Weekly!

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In this FREE Guide, You'll Discover the Secrets to Survival...



6 Quick & Easy Questions That Will Give You The Clarity To Focus On What's MOST Important To You!



A Weekly Assessment To Become Proactive NOT Reactive WITHOUT Feelings Of Guilt!



A Short, Simple Weekly Exercise That Helps You Align Your BIG Dreams WITH Your Current Reality So You Can Help Others & Make An Impact!

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  • Starting your week with a DOABLE plan that is NOT overwhelming before you even begin!
  • Having FREE time each week to spend with the ones you love the most (or by yourself😉)
  • Being organized and IN CONTROL of your to-do list enough to feel a sense of accomplishment daily



Here's What Others Are Saying...

BJ White

This is an absolute must have resource for anyone who is like me and not only struggles with finding balance but Focus as well! Now that I have this guide, I can clearly see the impact it has on my day. I start my day with Intentional Focus and it Energizes me to get the important tasks that need to be done...Done! Also, learning how to schedule my time has helped me to stay Focused and get more done without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed! Thank You Sailynn for equipping me with the tools that help me Live a successful balanced life!

A Note From Sailynn...

Hey there! I’m Sailynn, The FUN Business Coach. I help women entrepreneurs make a ton of money, have lots of fun, and get things done by implementing sustainable business strategies!

I have had one goal my whole life...The FREEDOM to do: 1) What I Want 2) When I Want and 3) From Where I Want!

That goal motivated me to become an entrepreneur, build a multi-million dollar business, and retire before age 40!

But it wasn't always easy...

As women we tend to juggle many more balls than we ever planned for!

And I was guilty of doing just that!

Between building a business, family responsibilities, and volunteerism, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and had continual brain fog!

However I learned a quick and simple weekly routine that allowed me to regain control of my time, help me remain focused on my dreams, and improve my mental and physical health that I had neglected for way too long!

And now I am excited to teach it to you!

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