I’m Sailynn, The FUN Business Coach!  I help women entrepreneurs make a ton of money, have a lot of fun & get things done with sustainable business strategies!

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I’m Sailynn, The "Fun" Business Coach!  I help women entrepreneurs implement sustainable strategies so you can have fun & make a ton!

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What Others Are Saying... 

I met Sailynn in 2015 when I interviewed for a marketing position at her senior home care franchise. Our roles and relationship have changed a lot since that day but one thing has stayed the same...Her determination and seemingly effortless ability to hold my hand while also pushing me to become the best version of me.

I owe so much of my professional and personal growth to Sailynn, more than anyone else in my life.

If you’re wondering if I was a “special case”, and somehow she just knew what I needed to grow, that’s not the case. It’s her that’s special you see...

I’ve watched Sailynn time and time again do for so many others what she did for me, breathe confidence and inspiration into the lives she touches.

Being a leader is a skill that you can develop over time, but I truly feel that it is innate to her DNA. It’s what she was born to do! - Jonelle Elizabeth, Self Healing Expert

My Story to Finding Freedom


I founded Passion Purpose Posture LLC to help women entrepreneurs implement sustainable business strategies for long term business growth so you can have fun and make a ton!

I achieved my major career goal to “retire" by age 40 by implementing simple systems, empowering my support team, and a HUGE mindset shift!

My mission is to help women business owners find similar success in their own lives so you can live this one life you were given!

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