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I'm Sailynn!

Your FUN Business Coach 

Everything changed, the morning I desperately cried to myself, "Something has got to change..."

I know all-too-well what it feels like to build your business at the expense of your life.

Just like you, I wanted to succeed.

As a 7-figure entrepreneur I'd acheived 'everything I wanted'... only to find it left me burned out and unfulfilled.

My "Success" Story...

After 3 years in business hustling 80+ hour weeks to reach $1 million, I was burnt out and I knew something had to change but I was not sure what...


Using my signature system I share inside my Courses + Coaching + Community...

I was able to reduce my working hours by 80% while tripling my income and 4X my personal paycheck...

For the past 10 years...

Women have asked me "how I did it" and now I’m so excited to share The Legacy Business System, so you can achieve your dream life too!

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I have had one goal my whole life...To have the FREEDOM to do:

1) What I Want

2) When I Want and

3) From Where I Want!

That goal motivated me to build a business that allowed me to retire before age 40, travel the world, and be present for family and friends! But it hasn’t always been this way...

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2007 with a dream to reclaim control over my time and financial future. Just 3 years into business, I was working 80+ hour weeks, was on-call 24/7 and could not figure out how to work any less. I was burnt out, stressed beyond belief, and FRUSTRATED I could not figure it out!

Using my signature system I share in my courses + coaching + community, I was able to cut back to 16 hour workweeks while tripling my revenue to multiple 7-figures a year.

And I can now say I am able to do just that because I have the Structure, Systems, Support & Streamline that allow me to work part time and grow my business on my terms!

I can't wait to show you how to do the same!


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Words from our friends

"It's one thing to know how to build a business... it's a completely different thing to know how to build one that gives you MORE freedom as it grows. Sailynn takes the strategies and systems she used to run a 3 million a year business in just 16 hours a week and weaves them into everything she teaches for today's modern business owner. If you ever have a chance to plug in to what she's doing, don't hesitate!"

Jordan, Online Marketing Coach

"Sailynn provides simple to follow instructions and great tips that make it easy to re-evaluate your business to better focus on what really matters."

I truly feel like your coaching is helping me get better organized and focused than I have been in a long time. I am so excited to see the progress finally happening!!!!

Jill, VanderYacht Consulting

"Having a coaching session with Sailynn was SO helpful! She asked engaging questions about my business and listened so intently to me."

I had so many "Ah-Ha" moments during our call together and how everything that I have created in my business flows and works beautifully together - I just had to come up with a better system for it to work for me.

Jenna, Journal Therapy Coach

You're 3 steps away from transforming your business & life

And the process is simple.

Work at your own pace
Ask your specific questions
Never feel alone again

I get it, You are BUSY! My self-guided courses allow you to learn on your schedule!

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Having a coach with 16+ years of business experience in your pocket is the secret to sustainable success! Join me LIVE weekly to ask your specific business questions!

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Entrepreneurship can be lonely! That is why it is integral to your growth and mental health to surround yourself with like-minded women in business!

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Every woman should have the opportunity to build a business...

...that matches their dreams and overcomes the traditional "old school" business building mindset. Let me show you how to reclaim control over your schedule that will open the doors to a successful legacy business that lasts generations.


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Discover the 3 Mistakes Driven Entrepreneurs Can't Afford to Make If You Want to Scale Your Profit WITHOUT Increasing Your Hours

Passion Purpose Posture LLC – Mission, Vision & Values

Find Your Passion – Thrive With Purpose – Lead With Posture

Business Mission:

Empowering Women to Build Better Businesses

Business Vision:

We envision a world where women harness the power of entrepreneurship to turn their dreams into reality, create generational wealth, and drive global impact. Our commitment is to provide every woman with the opportunity to align her business with her personal vision, enabling her to live the life she dreams of.

Business Values:

Authenticity – We celebrate and embrace our true selves, encouraging our clients to do the same.
Impact – We recognize that our purpose extends beyond ourselves, striving to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
Freedom – We prioritize time over money, enabling us to lead fulfilling lives and fulfill our dreams.
Honesty – We lead by guiding our clients through challenges they might shy away from, knowing that growth often comes from uncomfortable truths.
Action – We are committed to taking consistent and purposeful action, even when it gets messy, to drive real and lasting change.

About me


I have been an entrepreneur since 2007

My favorite trip was 5 weeks in Australia

I love living and being near the ocean

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