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Are You Ready To (FINALLY) Work Less & Earn More?

I empower women entrepreneurs who are 3-5 years in business reignite their passion and amplify profits in just 90 days. With my 4-pillar Legacy Business System, we align your vision, optimize productivity through systems, build a mission-driven team, and streamline operations for sustainable success.

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IĀ get it...Ā 

You didn't start your business to work 24/7, spend your days buried in busy work, and invest endless hours without being compensated for the time, energy & effort you put in.

All you want is to...

  • šŸ›‘Stop waking up with dread and exhaustion because you know its going to be ANOTHER long day hustlingĀ 
  • šŸ›‘StopĀ feeling paralyzed by doubt and overwhelm with no clear plan of what to prioritize daily
  • šŸ›‘Stop jumping from project to project and feeling no sense of accomplishmentĀ 
  • šŸ›‘Stop wondering where another month went as you look back at your days full of busy work instead of gaining tractionĀ 
  • šŸ›‘Stop feeling so scattered by the overwhelming to-do list that never seems to ever get done

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! It's time toĀ Say Goodbye to Burnout and Hello to Freedom!

Sounds Good! I'm In!

Within 90 Days You Could...


Unlock your full potential, FINALLY achieve the goals you put on the back burner or always seem to fail to crush!

Achieve your #1 startup business goal - Time & Money FREEDOM

The main reason you went into business for yourself is possible and you can FINALLY have it!

Fulfill your broken promises (and eliminate the guilt) 

Be PRESENT for your loved ones who have been WAITING for your success so they can have you back!

Secure your FUTURE

Transform your business into a PROFITABLE money making machine that runs 24/7 without you involved in the daily operations!

Let's Do This!

Hi there, I'm Sailynn!

I have had one goal my whole life...To have the FREEDOM to do: 1) What I Want 2) When I Want and 3) From Where I Want!

That goal motivated me to build a business that allowed me to retire before age 40, travel the world, and be present for family and friends!

But it hasnā€™t always been this way...

After 3 years in business hustling 80+ hour weeks to reach $1 million, I was burnt out and I knew something had to change but I was not sure what...

UsingĀ my signature Legacy Business System I share in my Courses + Community + Coaching, I was able to cut back to 16 hour work weeks while tripling my revenue to multiple 7-figures a year.

And I can now say I am able to do just that because I have a system that allows me to work part time and grow my business on my terms!

I can't wait to show you how to do the same inside!

More About My Journey to Freedom

I started my entrepreneurial journey for time & money freedom too!

It wasn't so long ago that I was where you are now and I know what it feels like to want to stop hustling so hard.Ā 
Using The Legacy BusinessĀ System, I was able to cut back to 16 hour workweeks while tripling my revenue to multiple 7-figures a year. AndĀ I can't wait to show you how to do the same!

These are just a few of the places I have shared my story & system:

3 Ways to Get Started on Your Business Transformation

No matter where you are in your business, I have just the right program to help you!

1.Ā Start Listening

Join me every week for my latest YouTube training on how to transform your business into a well oiled money making machine so you can make more and work less (YES that is possible)!

New Episodes are Released Every Tuesday at 9am est


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2.Ā Watch On-Demand

If you are feeling overworked, overwhelmed, scattered, or stressed it may be because you are making one of these three BIG MISTAKES!

Watch NOW toĀ Discover the 3 Mistakes Driven Entrepreneurs Can't Afford to Make IF You Want to Scale Your Profit WITHOUT Increasing Your Hours!

This 60 minute FREE Masterclass gives you the EXACT blueprint I used to shift from 80+ hour workweeks to just 16 (and TRIPLING my incomešŸ˜‰)



3.Ā Steal My Powerful Morning Routine

Discover the Simple Daily Routine Proven to Help You Build a Profitable BusinessĀ WHILEĀ Living a Balanced Life

Inside this FREE guide you will design a morning that shifts you from the daily chaos to more calm & focus!

ALL successful entrepreneurs have a mindful morning routine! Start yours TODAY!



The Legacy Business System!

The only formula proven to help you work less while making more on YOUR terms in just 90 days!



Reimagine your business model structure so it aligns with your dream vision!



Implement business systems to increase efficiency, productivity & output.



Onboard or reorganize your support team to release you from the daily grind.



Streamline your operations to develop a well oiled money making machine!

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"The Legacy Business School course has been the link to helping me re-align as an entrepreneur."

This course has been a jump start for me to get back on track and also apply new skills that are going to help me transform my mornings, my business and impact so much of my life. I am so grateful.

Lamara, Owner, Ainkas Jewels

"Sailynn is the system QUEEN šŸ‘øšŸ¼"

Not only did I watch her scale her own business to
7 figures but when I started my own entrepreneurial journey the systems and plans she taught me enabled me to be my own boss full-time WITH the work-life balance I craved!

Jonelle, Grief Educator

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