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Effective Systems for Business: Your Path to Productivity & Growth

metrics systems systems to set you free Jun 04, 2024
Effective Systems for Business: Your Path to Productivity & Growth

There are two main reasons the women entrepreneurs I work with struggle to use systems in their business effectively!

The first group developed systems somewhere along their journey but didn’t use them because they were not well thought out or based on what their business most needed systematized.

The second group never developed systems because they felt it was easier to do it themselves and they didn’t have the time to write the system out.

No matter what group you are in…

Today I am going to share with you how to determine what systems will increase your productivity, efficiency, and output to give you the most bang for your buck with your limited time and resources.

Hey there, I’m Sailynn, Your FUN Business Coach and I empower women to improve their work life balance by banishing burnout for good in just 90 days!

I’m about to show you how to systemize your business so you can stop working 7 days a week in some capacity.

Here’s the thing, most women are wearing a lot of hats like wife, mom, sister, friend, volunteer, and the list goes on and on and on.  And they are priding themselves on being a power multi-tasker, jack-of-call trades, and DIY pro. Because of this, you have to work early mornings before the family gets up, late nights after bedtimes, and weekends to catch up before a new week starts!

To stop working 7 days a week, there are 3 steps to develop a system that will increase your productivity, efficiency and output inside my signature program The Legacy Business School, but today I am going to give you step one because this is the one most entrepreneurs I have worked with skip! This is something you can dive into today! In fact, you could have step one complete in just a few dedicated hours that will translate to 10X that time spent into free time weekly!

So, let’s get started!

Step One in developing an effective system is to Crunch Your Metrics!

This step is critical because it shows you where in your business when you implement or integrate systems, you can see the quickest return on your time investment!

To get started crunching your metrics, you need to get out your QuickBooks, Quicken or Excel Sheets where you track your metrics and review them to determine what products or services you offer make you 80% of your profits. Please note I said PROFITS and not REVENUE!  There is a HUGE difference there!

Once you know what your top profit producing products or services are, then you want to analyze the process you need to produce them! As you review this process, you want to look for ways to improve where you can save time, money, or energy!  Let me give you a couple examples!

If you run an online business and use Instagram in your marketing to generate sales, you may want to streamline your efforts by using a social media posting tool that can help you layout 30 days of content ideas, create each individual post and schedule it when appropriate.  When I implemented my favorite social media scheduling tool, I went from spending 7 hours per week on this task to 1 hour per week. So, the time & energy I was saving far outweighed the cost of the social media software!

Let me give you another example… Let’s say you own a women’s clothing boutique, and you want to offer more colors and sizes of your best selling items, but you do not have the space to hold more inventory. You could work with your vendors to drop ship your products directly to customers, which is going to increase your sales, decrease your costs of having to add warehouse space and decrease your time shipping.

Crunching your metrics is the first key step to developing effective systems to grow your business profits while decreasing your working hours! 

Make sure you hit the like or subscribe button, because next week’s video will cover step 2 in developing your system that will not require you to spend hours that I know you do not have, writing it all out!

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Thanks so much for watching and remember to live your one life!


Your FUN Business Coach

Creator of The Legacy Business System


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