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How To Build Systems In Your Business

systems to set you free Apr 04, 2023
How To Build Systems In Your Business

Let me guess systems are the last thing you thought about as you were building your business!

And now you are getting ready to hire someone and need to train them on your “systems”.

Or you are drowning in work and overwhelmed, and knowing having systems is the next step!

Today I am going to share with you the 3 quick and easy steps to establish systems within your business WITHOUT making more work for yourself!To get started, we need to talk real quick about why systems are important in your business!  I know you know, you need them, but why then do we take so long to implement them?

Most entrepreneurs wait too long to establish systems within their business because they are winging it from day to day and just the thought of taking some of your precious time to write down what you are doing, seems like a waste right now!  Does that sound like you?

If so stay tuned because I am going to show you how to start forming systems without working more!  Yes, that is possible! 

Essentially the main reasons you need to establish and implement systems within your business is because it allows you greater efficiency, better productivity and long term consistency.

But in my opinion, the BIGGEST benefit to implementing systems within your business is because it allows you to grow your business faster, better and quicker without all the scaling headaches most entrepreneurs face! And who doesn’t want that!

In my first business, a senior home care franchise, I had set up some systems when I started but they were not well thought out or easy for someone else to implement. This caused my small team to run around like chickens and it turned my open door into a revolving door of questions!

Fast forward 3 years and too many 80+ hour work weeks, we achieved $1 million in revenue, but I was exhausted and so was my team!  I knew something had to change and quickly!

When I met with a business coach and dumped all my problems in his lap, he calmly explained to me that I was a “teller” which essentially meant that because I had not established systems inside my business, my team relied on me to tell them the process every single day!

After that lightbulb moment I got to work, using the strategy I am going to share with you today on how to establish and implement systems to increase your productivity and profit!

Before we start the simple 1,2,3 steps though let me address the elephant in the room…When is the right time to start implementing systems if you are a solopreneur?

Great question!

If you have plans to grow a team, to scale your business with outsourcing, or if it's a task you do often but not all the time, then it's time!

Establishing and using systems BEFORE you absolutely need them, is going to save you time in the long run!

However please note you do not want to become even more “busy” by spending all your time making systems, while more important things should be done in your business like marketing and sales!

Make sense?

Okay great! 

Step #1 is to Crunch Your Metrics! 

You probably did not expect that, right!

Here’s the thing, knowing your numbers is going to give you the answers to the questions you have been most likely seeking in your business!

If you are constantly wondering should I do this or that? The answer probably lies in the metrics you already have!

You want to dig into your metrics to find the top 3-5 opportunities, where by implementing a better system, could help you scale your revenue without more work!

Crunching numbers might not sound like fun, and believe me I don’t think it's fun either, but it's a necessity in business if you want to grow a business that is going to support your lifestyle!

Start with these 3 simple metrics: 1) Gross Sales 2) The product or service with the highest profit and 3) What is your largest expense.

Once you know those 3 metrics, it's time to think outside the box on how you could increase your profit even more, without working more, by implementing a system, into the process!

Let me give you an example… Let’s say you are a coach and you do 1-1 Zoom meetings. If potential clients have to have a discovery or consult a call with you prior, to see if they qualify, how can you implement a system to bring in more of these without doing more work!

First you could make an intro video with the most common questions potential clients ask, then have them complete a yes or no questionnaire, that if the right boxes are checked, then they have the ability to sign up, pay and book a call with you!  Now how does that simple, automated system sound to you!  I am seeing more free time in your schedule already! 

If you are all about working less but still making the same or even more money in your business, drop me a HECK YES in the comments!

Now that you have crunched your metrics, you have some ideas on what systems you could implement, it's time for:

Step #2 which is developing the actual system!

There are two ways you can go about developing a system!

  • You can set aside time in your very busy schedule and sit down and write it all out and hope you finish before something urgent hits your notifications


  • You can develop the system the next time you are getting ready to do the work and just give yourself an extra 15 minutes! I bet you know that I am choosing option number two!

Here’s why!

We are busy!  We have lives (hopefully), families, and a business to run and so finding time to set aside to develop a boring old system that you hope works, is not going to make it very high on your priority list most likely!

So you want to utilize your time more efficiently by writing the system as you are ready to do the work.

Here’s how…Let’s use the example above of the coach who does 1-1 coaching Zooms. The next time you get a potential client inquiring about working with you, work through your system like this:

First, ask yourself what are the 3-5 most common questions I usually get asked on these discovery or consult calls. Write them down, then write your answers. Now get out your phone, put it on your tripod horizontally, read question one and the answer, then look at the camera and hit record. Then do each one!  Perfection is NOT necessary here!  This is an intro video and they want to get a feel for who you really are!

Second, think about what are your qualifying questions that you ask them to determine if they are a good fit for your coaching, write those down. Now open a Google Form and make a quick questionnaire with yes or no answers. Now using a tech tool like Zapier, connect the Google Form to your booking software like Calendly so based on the answers, if they get enough yes’s, it triggers an automation for them to take the next step, sign up, pay, book their first call and it gets added to your calendar!  This sounds super techy, but it's not!

Once you develop the system by taking some extra time as you would normally go through the process, you are going to save yourself a ton of time in the future! 

Finally Step #3 is to use and tweak the system as you use it! 

I find that this allows me to go through the system a few more times before making it live and rolling out to clients or whoever is the recipient!  Normally it takes me about 3 times to get all the kinks worked out, when I am building the system before it's ready to be implemented.

So again the next time someone inquires about your 1-1 coaching, review the intro video you made yourself, put any final touches on it. Then use the Google Form questionnaire while you are on the phone with them to make sure your questions are presented for easy answers. And finally fill it out based on their answers and test the software integrations, to make sure they execute correctly!

Once you get it designed, developed, and implemented you are ready to use it as often as needed to build your business with more time freedom, so you can work less and make more money!

In Summary,

Systems definitely do not sound like something sexy and fun within your business, but finding more freedom sure does!  Avoid overwhelm by focusing on the 3-5 systems that can help you find more time and make more money based upon your metrics.  And once you figure out a system you could implement that would work well, start developing it the next time you need to execute the actions in your business. This will again save you time and get the system done without having to find time blocks in your busy schedule!  Finally tweak it as needed a few times to work out any issues, and then run with it!  Before you even realize it, you will be a system queen and other women in business will be asking you, how you are able to run such a big business and have a life!

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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