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How To Plan Your Day to Grow Your Business

business planning quarterly planning weekly planning Jun 13, 2023
How To Plan Your Day to Grow Your Business

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unproductive while trying to grow your business?

I recently listened to a podcast and received an email from two different women entrepreneurs who are very well known in the online space and they both made me want to vomit when they shared their average working day!

So that is why in today’s video I am sharing my ideal day to give you a different perspective on how you can feel accomplished without the daily grind!

Yes I did just say that I recently wanted to vomit when I listened to a podcast from a well known online marketer and then shortly after one of her friends shared their day inside an email broadcast!

I am not going to name names because it does not matter who these women are!  What matters is the message they are sending to other women in business!

Let me give you the gist of the podcast and email so you have an idea of why I wanted to vomit… (have I already used that word one too many times in this video lol?)

Both of their days started bright and early with a 4 or 5 am start!  Then they dove into their morning routines, which I was happy to hear that they had one! Followed by meeting after meeting after meeting and one more meeting from about 9am to 6pm!  They both took lunch breaks which was nice to see!  Then their nights had some family time but also some more work if needed!

By the time I was done listening and reading, I was exhausted so how in the heck are these women keeping this pace?

And by sharing this info with their ginormous audiences what are they portraying?

That in order to build and run a multi-million dollar business as a woman entrepreneur, you need to work these crazy long days?

I can tell you personally that's false!  And I know it's false because I ran my own multi-million dollar business in just 16 hour weeks!

If you want to start living a more chill lifestyle and shift away from those long days, you are in the right place!

So let’s get started with 3 steps to plan your day without overwhelm and exhaustion!

Number 1 - Review Your Vision

Why do I start so many of my training with reviewing your vision?

Great question!

Your vision acts as your North Star guiding you along your entrepreneurial journey to achieve your dream lifestyle!

When you start any new project, system or plan by reviewing what you REALLY want, that keeps you laser focused on your end game!

So step 1, review your vision!  If you are struggling with this step, go check out this video where I chat about having a daily morning routine!

Once you review your vision, you know what you want and hopefully your goals align with that vision, so Step 2 will be easier!

If you are all about achieving your dream lifestyle, drop me a TELL ME MORE in the comments!

Number 2 -

Now that we are laser focused on what our dream lifestyle is because we have reviewed our vision, it's time to use a little planning trick I learned from my business coaches that works like gold!

Grab your calendar and block out these 3 sections: 1) When will you never work your business 2) When will you always work your business and 3) When will you sometimes work your business!

Now let me explain each one!

When will you never work your business!  This is the most important one!  So that’s why we are starting here!  These are the times when you are going to be spending your time with your Top Priority in life which is most likely family or friends! 

For example, if you are a mom who wants to spend her afternoons present and available when your kids get off the bus, that means you block off your calendar from the moment they jump off the bus till dinnertime or whatever the next time block is. Does that make sense?

Next is when will you always work your business!  This is the time in your day when you will always, no matter what, work on your business!  You are knocking out your 3 daily IPAs first!  Those are your income producing activities that move the needle in your business!

Back to our mom example… This is most likely the time when your kids are in school so from the moment they get on the bus till the time they jump off in the afternoon! Block this out as the time you will always work your business!

Finally, when will you sometimes work your business!  This is the time where your schedule fluctuates and you might have some extra time to sneak in some extra work!

Being a mom, this may be after the kids go to bed but before you spend time with your significant other or it could be early mornings before the family gets up!

Now that we have an idea of those 3 blocks, we can move to the final step in planning your day!

Number 3 - Be Realistic

So the reason I wanted to vomit (I had to throw that in there one more time lol) when I read and heard those two women in business talking about their schedules is because they were so jam packed there was no room to pivot if needed, and forget about taking a breathing break either!

So my advice for you is to be realistic when planning your day!

This means, if you know a project is going to take at least an hour, maybe two, then slot at least two hours in your working timeblock!  Don’t short change your project time, just to fit something else in.  You won’t be able to focus and complete the project effectively if you feel rushed!

Same with the family and friend time, don’t cut out early of girls night because you want to check your emails before bed. Either put it in your shut down routine before you leave for the day, or add it to your starting routine the next day!

And finally give yourself some breathing room!

Exhaustion, fatigue and burnout start to set in when you are working non-stop and not able to enjoy the process!

I like to buffer all my meetings with 30 minutes so if one runs late, I am not feeling that sense of anxiety creeping into my chest! Or short changing a customer who needs extra time!

When you plan for breathing room, it allows you to complete a project effectively, regroup and reset your mind before moving on to the next project!  When you add this practice into your scheduling, you will begin to notice that you are not feeling like you are constantly running from one thing to the next every darn day!

Sure there will be those days that are busier than normal, but they should not be the norm!

 In Summary,

When you use this simple 3 step system to plan your day so you can grow your business effectively, you will be able to get a better handle on your day, retain the passion and drive for building your business, and be able to be present for the ones you love the most!

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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