How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed in Business Right Now

Jan 17, 2023
How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed in Business Right Now

Delegate Like a Million Dollar Boss

Do you consistently look for ways to work smarter, not harder?

When a coach told me my biggest issue in my business was “You are a teller!” I was kind of confused…

What he gave me was the best advice ever, I was just not ready to hear it!

What he meant was, everyone came to me with a question on how to do something and I gave them the answer.  Which meant that I was inundated with questions daily, and I was ready to blow my normally laid-back composure!

He said, if you want to be free, you must empower your team to make decisions on their own!

Ahhh now I get it, but how do I do that?  I am a perfectionist!

If you can relate, today I am sharing with you how I freed myself from the daily overwhelm!

We all probably like to be known as the go to girl who always has answer!  Which seems like a great thing, until you are being bombarded with questions 24/7, like I was!

I just kept thinking, I don’t get it, why does my team keep asking me all these questions, why can’t they figure it out on their own like I do?  Because let’s face it, I did not always have the answer, but I figured it out!

These were not team members that were new, clueless, or incapable either some of them had more experience than me, so I was stumped!  And that is why I reached out to a business coach who gave me that mic drop moment of advice!  Which in turn changed my business and my life and was the beginning of my journey to FREEDOM!

Yup you heard that right, this one conversation lead me to tripling my income, tripling my business revenue and reducing my hours from 80 to 16 per week!  Sounds pretty darn amazing huh!

If you’re multi-tasking, come back to me now because here is what he said you must do in order to make this shift!

  1. You need to implement systems in your business, so your team knows what to do step by step!
  2. You need to empower your team to come up with the answer on their own, by responding to their question with “Well what do you think is best in this situation?”
  3. You have to let them know, in advance, it’s okay if they make a mistake!

And so that is exactly what I did!

I made a system and checklist for everything I could think of in my business.  How to sign up a new client!  How to onboard a new employee!  How to order office supplies!  Basically, if there was a 1, 2, 3 step process, I put a system in place and made a checklist!

Then I started to empower my team…when they would come in to ask me a question, I would first take a breather, then respond with so what do you think would be best in this situation?  At first there was a lot of um’s but then they realized this was the new norm and if they wanted the answer, they needed to figure it out!

Finally, my new mantra was, come up with an answer, do it, and see if it works!  If it doesn’t, then fix it, and figure out a plan B! Which I know sounds super scary as a perfectionist entrepreneur, but if you truly want FREEDOM, you have to let some things go!

I worked on this for 2 years to fine tune my business so I could achieve a personal goal of shifting from working full time to part time in my business!

The week before I left for my 30 days of camping, I made signs and placed them on everyone’s computer as a joke but also as a reminder!  It was a picture of me with the saying “WWSD – What Would Sailynn Do”!  Those signs are still kicking around to this day 15 years later, more as a joke because I used a horrible picture, they all said lol

In summary...

If you want to make the shift in your business from working in it to on it, you need to do as my business coach said!  Those 3 simple things set me free in life to pursue my passions!  If you need some help with these, check out this freebie I have for you!

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