My 20 Favorite Affirmations for Business & Entrepreneurs

Nov 08, 2022
My 20 Favorite Affirmations for Business & Entrepreneurs

The Simple Strategy for Success in Business

When I say “Affirmations attribute to success” what is your immediate first thought?  That can’t be true!  I’ve tried those and they did not work!  I totally agree with you!  The feedback I have received about using affirmations in business through the years all align with my ow thought process from when I first starting using them 5 years ago through today!  So, your thoughts are not wrong or right, they are just thoughts!  However today I am sharing with you how to use affirmations as a tool in your business in achieving success!

According to, “Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.”

So yes, they are a tool that you can use in your life and business to help you overcome challenges that you facing!

They are so much more than cute signs, t-shirts, and even tattoos that we place or wear around because they are trendy!  And today I am sharing with you my top affirmations for women in business!

Whether you believe in the power of affirmations or not, I would challenge you today to listen to these or read them out loud for 90 days straight and test it for yourself!

You can definitely write your own affirmations, but for me, I find it much easier to use ones that resonate with me from other successful women entrepreneurs.  So, this collection I am sharing with you today are my top affirmations from some amazing women that I follow on social media!

So, let’s get started!  And these will be available as a download inside my Facebook Group. 

  1. I Serve, I Deserve
  2. It’s safe for me to be more visible
  3. It’s safe for me to make money doing something I love
  4. I am allowed to increase my prices
  5. It’s safe for me to build wealth
  6. It’s safe for me to make money helping people with their problems
  7. I’m so happy and grateful that I attract the most amazing people, situations, and opportunities
  8. It’s safe for me to earn more
  9. It’s safe for me to uplevel
  10. Money flows easily to me
  11. I’m allowed to be successful
  12. It’s my time
  13. I make at least one sale daily
  14. I am wealthy and ready for more
  15. It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step
  16. I work half the time for twice as much money
  17. I am wealthy and happy
  18. I am ready for the next level of wealth
  19. I remain balanced with my work and life daily
  20. My body is strong and healthy

Now that you have them, take 5 minutes each morning to read them OUT LOUD to yourself or replay this video each morning!  Your choice!

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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