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No Growth! Here's Why...

assessing your business blog blog post business building tips entrepreneurship franchise goals mindset personal development professional development Jun 21, 2022
No Growth! Here's Why...

Do you want to have a thriving business that supports your dream lifestyle?

I am guessing you said yes because that’s what we all want right?  A business that solves a problem, makes an impact, and supports your lifestyle!

The BIGGEST challenge is how do we make all three of those things happen so we can live our one life!

Today I am sharing with you how I went from no sales to building a million-dollar business with a matching six figure salary by sharing the ugly truth I so did not want to face!

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Building a business is not easy!  If it was easy everyone would do it AND be successful. That second part is the hard part!  Many people try to build a business but fail!

There are many reasons, that people do not succeed, but today I am sharing the ugly truth that almost kept me back from being successful!

Picture this…I buy a franchise, invest a lot of money getting started, and the franchisor comes out to check on me in the first 90 days!

Its day one of their visit and we are reviewing my numbers, and then they drop the BIGGEST truth bomb on me that I knew in my gut but so did not want to hear out loud!

“Sailynn…Do you want to be broke or successful?”

Of course, I wanted to be successful I said, so they asked me why I was not doing what needed to be done…

And that right there was the million-dollar question!

See I had gone out to the franchisor’s corporate offices for a week of training just 90 days prior, so it was fresh in my memory what I had learned!

While they taught me many things, the ONE thing they said over and over was if you want to be successful you must do the work that builds your business!

Which in my business was getting the word out to the community aka NETWORKING!

Ugh!  My extremely shy self was quivering inside just thinking about talking to more people all day every day!

See they were not talking about visiting one per a week, or one person a day, they wanted us to visit 8 people per day and 5 days per week for a total of 40 visits weekly.  And do it over and over and over again!

And like a great franchisor should, they drilled this into us during that week of training and then sent someone out to visit me within 90 days to make sure I was doing what needed to be done!

So, at that moment, I realized she was right, I needed to suck it up, push my fears to the side, and do what needed to be done or else I was going to be broke!

And so, we hit the road for the next two days and she showed me how it was done, and then made me do it, and then she coached me on how to make it better!

I was exhausted after two days but felt 100% better because she had taken the time to show me how she did it, then make it my own!

I went on to do those 8 visits per day, 5 days per week for TWO WHOLE YEARS!

That consistency led to me scaling the business revenue enough to hire a full time sales person who could do this for me!

But I was still not off the hook, I needed to do for her what my franchisor had done for me.  This meant training and coaching my new hire to success!  And it also meant me still networking in the community but just not 8 visits per day. 

I focused more on attending events in the community and increasing our visibility by providing more value by speaking at programs, hosting trainings, and co-chairing fundraisers.

Which in turn lead me to making six figures by year three and building a multi-million-dollar business!

So, what is the lesson here???  Good question!

You must know what moves the growth needle in your business, then you have to put a plan in place to do it consistently, and finally you have to push aside the fears holding you back from implementing!

There are most likely only a few things that truly move that needle in your business!  Do you know what they are?

  • Is it posting on social media daily?
  • Is it marketing your services in the DMs?
  • Is it online advertising?

What is it for your business?

If you are stuck figuring this out, you must take some time to dive deep into your numbers!  The answers lie there, believe me!

Look at what sources your clients are coming from, which ones are the most profitable, and how long your lead to sale timeline is.  This will get you started on figuring out how people are finding you, how long it takes for them to become a customer, and which ones are worth investing more time in.

If you do not know your numbers, then you are most likely wasting your time on things that don’t matter, which in turn is bogging you down, and leading to overwhelm and exhaustion.

And that my friend could be why so many businesses fail!

In summary, I do not want you to live your life overwhelmed by your business, nor exhausted by the amount of work. So, I would encourage you to check out my free masterclass because in this video training I am giving you the 3 secrets you need to dial in your dream lifestyle, find more time in your day, and increase your revenue and personal paycheck!  This masterclass is available NOW for you to stream on your preferred device, so click the link below!  Stop struggling and start getting the help you need today!

And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode!  Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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