The Legacy Business Blueprint 

Discover The 3 Secrets (They Don’t Teach in Business School) You Must Master NOW If You Want to Build a Profitable Business While Still Having a Life!

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Here's What We'll Cover...

➡️Secret #1 - The Proven Technique I Have Used for 20+ Years to Prioritize the Overwhelming Amount of Requests You Face Daily as an Entrepreneur!

➡️Secret #2 - How To Identify Your Zone of Genius to Increase Productivity!

➡️Secret #3 - The Blueprint I Used to Triple My Business Revenue & Personal Paycheck!

Don't Miss This Free Training Hosted By Sailynn Doyle, The "Fun" Business Coach, 15+ Year Entrepreneur in Multiple Businesses & Industries!

What People Are Saying...

Lamara Davis

Owner, Ainkas Jewels

The Legacy Business School course has been the link to helping me re-align as an entrepreneur.

I have been a business owner for nine years and I have worked in my business for that time period while also maintaining a full time job and being a single-mom. Over the years I have read books/listened to professional development that gave me pieces of information which I have implemented over the course of time but, like anything else, we fall off or forget because of the day to day requirements of life. In 2021, I decided that this was my time to take the leap and dive into my business full time. As I am approaching one year full time I found myself trying to apply all of the knowledge learned over the years from morning routines, implementing systems, and etc., but, doing so, felt a bit overwhelming. In this course Sailynn breaks down her Magical Morning Routine by using simple yet tangible steps that have changed the course of my days and the way that I approach life.

This course has been a jump start for me to get back on track and also apply new skills that are going to help me transform my mornings, my business and impact so much of my life. I am so grateful.

Jonelle Elizabeth

Women's Physical & Mental Wellness Educator

Some of the best advice in life and business…Learn from the people who have done what you want to do. Who have achieved what you want to achieve. Who live a lifestyle you aspire to live. Sailynn checks all those boxes and more!

From building a 7 figure business, to implementing systems that enabled Sailynn to work less and make more, to living a dream life on the beaches of sunny Florida! You literally get to peek inside her head with this course and learn EXACTLY how she did it!

As someone who has worked with Sailynn as an employee and business partner, I have witnessed first hand her natural ability to meet you were you are and give you the exact tools and guidance you need to thrive.

If you’re ready to step your game up I highly recommend this course.

What You'll Discover on this Training

In Secret #1👇

  • A simple exercise to prioritize your daily to-do list
  • How to set boundaries in business relationships
  • The reason your business growth is stagnant 

In Secret #2👇

  • Eliminate overwhelm by staying in your lane
  • Increase your profit by mastering a key skill
  • How to become an empowering leader

In Secret #3👇

  • The BIG piece of advice from Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank Investor, that I have used for 10+ years
  • A simple strategy to improve your business bottom line
  • How to make smart decisions based on business performance
Let's Do This!

Jill VanderYacht

Owner, VanderYacht Consulting

“I’m so glad that I checked out The Legacy Business School course! It has helped me organize and prioritize my ideas so that I could finally move forward on my business goals. Sailynn provides simple to follow instructions and great tips that make it easy to re-evaluate your business to better focus on what really matters. I highly recommend it!”

Caitlyn Hampson

CEO, Home Instead Senior Care

"Sailynn has extensive business experience and knowledge that will benefit anyone. She is responsive, supportive and will help any new or existing business owner to start / grow their business. She thrives off of others’ success, and will do everything she can to support you. This course provides information step by step that Sailynn has spent years learning first hand, downloads that will serve as reminders, and she will be there every step of the way to support you as needed. I highly recommend working with Sailynn as you start or grow a business."

Don't Miss This Training IF You're A Business Owner Who...

  • Is doing it all yourself but the amount of work has become EXHAUSTING
  • Is FRUSTRATED at your current stagnant success level
  • Wants to ensure your business can WITHSTAND the never ending changes in the world
  • Has a support team in place but your open door policy is more like a REVOLVING door
  • Is STUMPED on how to maintain (and increase) your revenue by working less
  • Wants to implement long term strategies NOW rather than backtracking in the future
  • Is WONDERING whether starting a team is even worth it

A Personal Note from Sailynn...

Hey there! I’m Sailynn...I like to call myself The "Fun" Business Coach because I believe when women entrepreneurs implement sustainable business strategies, you can have fun and make a ton! 

I have had one goal my whole life...To have the FREEDOM to do: 1) What I Want 2) When I Want and 3) From Where I Want!

That goal motivated me to build a business that allowed me to retire before age 40, travel the world, and be present for family and friends! 

But it hasn’t always been this way...

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2007 with a dream to build a senior home care business. Just 3 years into business, I was working 80+ hour weeks, was on-call 24/7 and could not figure out how to work any less. I was burnt out, stressed beyond belief, and my life balance was totally skewed!

My saving grace was my mom's friend who was a business coach. I took his advice, tweaked it to meet my needs, and that changed my journey!

I sold that business in 2017 and jumped into the online world! I am very proud to say I achieved my goal of total freedom and I live the life daily I had dreamt about!  

For the past 10 years, women have asked me "how I did it" and now I’m so excited to share my 3 Secrets with you inside this exclusive free masterclass so you can achieve your dream life too!


I Am Ready!