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Test Before You Outsource: Perfecting Business Systems for Maximum Impact

delegate systems systems to set you free Jun 18, 2024
Test Before You Outsource: Perfecting Business Systems for Maximum Impact

I am about to teach you how to ensure the system you developed will be successful inside your business so you can increase your efficiency, productivity and output as quickly as possible!

Hey there, I’m Sailynn, Your FUN Business Coach and I empower women to banish burnout & boost profits so you can enjoy a healthy work life balance in just 90 days!

Here is what most entrepreneurs who take the time to develop a system do… They skip this part in developing their new system and then wonder why their team or even their own workload has not been reduced.

Here is why this happens… If you do not use the system yourself and make any necessary tweaks before you implement it into your business and delegate it to a support team member, you are not going to see the results you imagined. This is going to cause you unneeded frustration, probably more mistakes or confusion and to potentially think systems are not for small businesses! Which is going to keep you stuck in the daily operations 80% of your time!

There are 3 steps in my process to developing a system that is going to increase your efficiency, productivity and output inside my signature program The Legacy Business School. But today I am giving you the last step because this step is critical before implementing your system into your business. When you do this last step thoroughly you are going to be able to integrate it into your business seamlessly and see quicker results.

Part One you determine when is the next time you will use this system inside your business. Once you find the day and time, add in some extra time to walk though the system you developed. You want to follow EXACTLY what you wrote down line by line. This is key when it comes to delegating.

That is how you test the system inside your business. This step is key because if you are delegating this to a team member, they will follow your steps, and if they are not clear, they will struggle and need you to clarify them. I learned this the hard way inside my franchise business. I could not figure out why my open-door policy was more like a revolving door for 8 hours a day. It was because I would write up a system then just hand it off without using it myself. The steps weren’t clear, so my team still had questions on how to execute it!

Now I am about to give you the next step to ensure your system works effectively!  Most entrepreneurs don’t take enough time during this step and again this causes confusion when it’s being executed. I go through this whole designing a system 3 step process inside The Legacy Business School. But here is part 2 of step 3!

Part Two you will want to make any tweaks to your system as you are going through it. This could be a deeper clarification or more importantly simplification!  I remember reading a story about Amazon! We all love Amazon because it is easy to use and shop, which grows their business!  Before credit cards were saved online, the Amazon team said, how can we shorten the steps during checkout? This led them to saving the buyers name and address and eventually the credit card info for a quicker checkout experience.  So, as you are making tweaks to your own system, ensure that it is as streamlined as possible! Make it clear and concise!

Okay now that we have tweaked the system and made it as clear and concise as possible, your team is now going to have exactly what they need to deliver your product or service to your customer or client with ease and without needing to ask you a million questions to complete their job duties!

Now here is the last part of step 3 to integrating systems into your business to improve your efficiency, productivity and output. And again, you can get the full in-depth process inside my signature program The Legacy Business School. Today we are reviewing Step 3 in this process because this is key in building effective teams! This part is going to allow you to onboard and train new support team members faster than you have in the past which will save you time and get you quicker results!

Part Three you want to use the system every single time you execute that task or project until it is delegated to a team member! This could be immediately or if you are still building your organization, it may not be for a year or so. By continuing to use the system you developed, you will make changes as your business grows and technology or tools are integrated into your business!  If you stop using it yourself, then hire someone a year from now, and give them your system, it could be and most likely will be completely different. This will cause you to have to redo the whole thing in a rush to onboard and train your new hire effectively!

Think about it, how many times have you watched a How-To video regarding something on Facebook. You are trying to follow the steps on your own account but they look nothing alike because we both know social media platforms like Facebook are always updating and so the video you searched was quickly out of date. This is why you want to continue to use it before you delegate it, to keep it up to date!

Now you know how to complete the process in developing a system for your business that is going to increase your efficiency, productivity and output but the problem is you don’t have the full 3 step process and that’s why I invite you to join me inside my free training: The No BS Work Life Balance Workshop where I am sharing the 3 Vital Shifts to Banish Burnout, Boost Profits, and Reignite Your Entrepreneurial Fire!

This is the exact blueprint, I used inside my senior home care franchise business to shift from working 80+ hour weeks to just 16 while tripling my business revenue and 4x my personal paycheck. And I am using this same blueprint inside my coaching business to avoid burnout and work part time hours! You can find the link below:

And if you have any questions, DM me on Instagram or Facebook

Thanks so much for watching and remember to live your one life!


Your FUN Business Coach

Creator of The Legacy Business System


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