The Weight of Being a Woman & Breadwinner

Jan 10, 2023
The Weight of Being a Woman & Breadwinner

Consequences of Being a Mom, Wife & BREADWINNER

Are you the breadwinner in your family?

I absolutely love listening to podcasts while I get ready each morning!  One of my favorites is by my money mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas!  She is funny, has a fabulous Australian accent, and really hits home with her message!

On one of her episodes, she was talking about being the Golden Goose in her business and it got me thinking!  How many women business owners are the primary breadwinners in their families, and do they even realize the importance of that?

I have been in this situation, so I wanted to share what I learned from it and what you should and should not do to protect the Golden Goose aka YOU!

First, lets start with a quick Google Search of “What is a Golden Goose?”  According to Merriam-Webster, it is “something that is a very good source of money or business”

If you are the primary breadwinner, then I can almost guarantee you feel a weight on your shoulders all the time!  A weight to produce, keep the income coming in, all while keeping the family dynamics together!

I get it, I have been there!  There have been many different seasons in my life where I was the one making $12/hour out of college, to when I started my first business and was up to my ears in debt, to making multiple six figures a year, and to now where things are finally more balanced in my life!

The problem was, no matter where I was in my career journey, I always felt I had to work hard, and self-care came second.  The ironic thing was, when I owned my franchise, I would preach to my team about caring for the caregiver (I was in a senior home care franchise) but was not caring for the main caregiver, ME!

In the beginning, I was commuting an hour to and from the office, providing care to clients when needed, and doing all the other things needed, like marketing, billing, payroll, etc.

I was exhausted I think for 3 years straight!

After I hit my breaking point around year 3, I started listening to my body and mind, and treating myself to massages and little vacations just to find some balance!

But really those did not solve the problem, because what I really needed, as Denise DT says so eloquently, I needed to protect the Golden Goose, which was me!

I want you to look deep into your personal and professional life for a minute… If you “broke” today, what would happen?  Would everything you built fall apart?  Would your family and team know what to do? Or have you set everything up for success and things would go over that bump and keep chugging?

If you are like most of the women entrepreneurs I work with, then things would fall apart for either a short time or altogether!  Which is so scary because you are working so hard to build a legacy business that will last for the long term, and it could be gone in the blink of an eye!

Neither of us want that to happen for you, so, I want to share with you a couple ideas to help you today in protecting your Golden Goose, again that’s YOU!

  1. What self-care do you do and how often do you do it? Do an honest self-assessment! If the answer is none, something has got to change ASAP before you are forced to slow down due to a medical issue!  I have been doing yoga for 10-30 minutes daily for over a year now and I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel mentally and physically!  What can you start doing today for 10-30 minutes? Yoga? Walking? Running? Biking? Pilates?
  2. What can you do to protect your precious time? This could be from the onslaught of emails, customer questions, or family issues.  Can you hire a VA to handle emails?  Could someone else on your team be trained to handle customer concerns?  Could your significant other help with some items on your to-do list? Think about what you can outsource or make easier!

Simple shifts could alleviate some of the stress and fatigue you are facing daily, which in turn is causing the Golden Goose to not perform at her best!  It’s time to own that you are the money maker, and YOU need some help!

Don’t be ashamed for this shift, it’s time to stand up and own, that you have built and are building a legacy business and to grow, you need to care for yourself and your business better!

In summary...

You are the Golden Goose and you, your family, and your team need to work in sync to protect it with everything they got!  Take some time to brainstorm what you could do better to take care of yourself and ask for help!  This is not a sign of weakness, but more a sign that you are growing and working on your business and not in it!  Congratulations!

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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