2024 Q2 Planning for Profit - March 28th!

For the Female Entrepreneur Exhausted from Business Chaos and Craving a Change...

Elevate Your Business with the Planning for Profit Workshop

Unlock the Power of Strategic Quarterly Planning and Achieve More in 90 Days than Many Entrepreneurs Do in an Entire Year (No Extra Grind, Burnout, or Compromising What Truly Matters to You).

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Laser Your Focus

Maximize Your Time

Increase Your Income

I understand completely...

You didn't start your entrepreneurial journey to be tethered to your business 24/7, spend your days buried in busy work, and invest endless hours without reaping the rewards your dedication deserves.

All you yearn for is to...

  • Bid farewell to waking up with a sense of dread and fatigue, knowing it's just another relentless day of hustling.

  • Escape the paralysis induced by doubt and overwhelm, replacing it with a clear, prioritized plan for each day.

  • Break free from the cycle of jumping from one project to another, experiencing a genuine sense of accomplishment.

  • Cease wondering where the months are disappearing, looking back at days filled with busywork instead of making significant strides.

It's time to wave goodbye to the chaos of busyness and embrace a strategic profit plan that accomplishes more with less!

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Success Driven Entrepreneurs Work Strategically...

 During the Planning for Profit Workshop We Will...

Create a Custom 90-Day Profit Plan That Fits Your Business & Goals

Ever thought about making more money without working yourself to the bone? In our workshop, we'll set straightforward goals based on real numbers that match your vision. Then, we'll put together a practical action plan (with clear boundaries!) to help you get more done while working less.

Build a Daily Routine That Inspires Progress Without Overwhelm

Your goals are Your North Star, and the action plan is the roadmap, but the daily journey from 'Point A' to 'Point B' is crucial! I'll help you discover and implement daily priorities that not only contribute to your profits but also eliminate unnecessary busyness, ensuring a more balanced and fulfilling routine.

Transform from a Scattered Solopreneur to the Organized and Efficient CEO You Are Meant to Be

Ever catch yourself saying, "I just need to get organized," only to feel like there's never enough time in the day? Let's tackle that together using my special Legacy Business System. It's time to attain the work-life balance you've been chasing.

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Hi there, I'm Sailynn!

After 3 years in business hustling 80+ hour weeks to reach $1 million, I was burnt out and I knew something had to change but I was not sure what...

Using the strategies I share in my Planning for Profit Workshop I was able to cut back to 16 hour workweeks while tripling my revenue to multiple 7-figures a year.

My Mission has always been to have the FREEDOM: 1) To do what I want, 2) When I want, and 3) From where I want!

And I can now say I am able to do just that because I have a system that allows me to work part time and grow my business on my terms!

I can't wait to show you how to do the same inside Planning for Profit!

See you there!

I've been there – the all-too-familiar struggle of building your business at the cost of your personal life.

As a 7-figure entrepreneur, I had seemingly achieved 'everything I wanted,' only to discover it left me burnt out and miserable. It took a shift in approach, allowing me to slash my working hours by 75% while tripling my income. Now, I'm dedicated to guiding others on the same transformative journey.

“Sailynn is the system QUEEN 👸🏼 Not only did I watch her scale her own business to 7 figures but when I started my own entrepreneurial journey the systems and plans she taught me enabled me to be my own boss full-time WITH the work-life balance I craved!”

 Jonelle Elizabeth, Grief Educator

Save Your Seat

Elevate Your Business With My

Planning for Profit System

The only quarterly planning workshop designed to help you accomplish more in the next 90 Days than most entrepreneurs do in an entire year.

(without working more hours, burning yourself out or sacrificing what's important to you)

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You Will Leave This 90 Minute Planning Session With:

A Guiding Vision for Your Business

Together we'll create a strong vision that will become the cornerstone of strategic planning that will help guide the decision-making process, articulate a desired future-state for your business and create a roadmap for achieving it.

3 Profit-Driving Metrics for Powerful Decisions

Smart entrepreneurs know their numbers, but you don't have to be a 'numbers person' to understand these 3 key metrics you should be crunching to maximize your profit.

A Target You Can See (And Shoot For)

Using your vision and key metrics we will work together to create a single 90-day goal for your business that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line today while bringing you closer to your vision for tomorrow

A Sustainable, Income Producing Action Plan

Are you drowning in to-dos that keep you constantly busy without actually moving you toward your goals? We'll take your one-goal and identify the exact action items you need to accomplish to drive the needle in your business without overwhelm.

Your 90-Day Marketing & Promotional Calendar

Do you ever look up at the end of the week and wonder how you were so busy without getting anything done? We'll put your calendar to work for you using my top time blocking & scheduling techniques that allow you to get more done in less time.

The Structure, Systems & Support You Crave

Identify the exact structure, systems & support you need in the 6 key categories of entrepreneurship that will make your vision inevitable using the same routines, tools & automations I employed to build my multiple 7-figure business in just 16 hours a week.


Transformations by our Friends

"It's one thing to know how to build a business... it's a completely different thing to know how to build one that gives you MORE freedom as it grows. Sailynn takes the strategies and systems she used to run a 3 million a year business in just 16 hours a week and weaves them into everything she teaches for today's modern business owner. If you ever have a chance to plug in to what she's doing, don't hesitate!"

Jordan Maylea, Online Marketing Coach


Here's Exactly What You Get When You Join Me for the Planning for Profit Strategic Workshop

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Plan Your Next 90 Days in Just 3 Hours ($497 Value)

During this LIVE 3-hour workshop we'll craft the perfect strategic plan for your business by clarifying your vision and goals, and developing an income-producing action plan that empowers you to get more done by doing LESS.

2. Printable 90-Day Business Plan ($147 Value)

More than just a workbook, when you enroll in the Planning for Profit Workshop this supportive resource will become the roadmap from which you build your entire business over the next 90-days. 

3. 30-Day Replay Access ($97 Value)

The Planning for Profit Workshop was designed for busy entrepreneurs who want to get more done in less time. While I really hope you're able to join me live, I don't want your busy schedule to prevent you from taking advantage of this resource. That's why I'm also including 30-Day replay access so you can catch up on anything you miss (or watch it again and again!)

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30-Day Check Up Zoom

Even the best laid plans can go awry, which is why I want to make sure you feel fully supported not just in the PLANNING of your next 90-days, but also in the execution! During this exclusive live zoom session we'll evaluate the first 30 days of working your plan, review and revise anything that's not working and ensure you're still on the right track to hit your goals. (Valued at $297)

The Time Freedom Finder

This 7 day time study framework will give you a behind the scenes look into the root of your exhaustion and overwhelm! This template is guaranteed to give you an additional 150 minutes of FREE TIME in your weekly schedule! (Valued at $297)

7-Figure Google Calendar Tutorial

Take your business digital with my proven Google Calendar strategy for managing your to-do list AND time blocks. I'll walk you through exactly how I use this free resource to power my multi-seven figure business so you can do the same. (Valued at $147)

Transform Your Business With My

Planning for Profit System

The only quarterly planning workshop designed to help you accomplish more in the next 90 Days than most entrepreneurs do in an entire year.

(without working more hours, burning yourself out or sacrificing what's important to you)

  • LIVE 3-Hour Strategic Planning Workshop With Sailynn ($497 Value)
  • Printable 90-Day Business Plan Workbook ($147 Value)
  • 30-Day Replay Access ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: 30 Day Check-Up Zoom Session ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: The Time Freedom Finder ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: 7-Figure Google Calendar Tutorial ($147 Value)



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  • Complete Planning for Profit Program ($741 Value)
  • FULL BONUS PACKAGE ($741 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $1,482 

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100% Happiness Guarantee

If you implement the steps in this workshop and do not see a positive shift in your time & money freedom within 30 days, I'll give you your $77 back.

That's how confident I am that the workshop will help you grow your business and feel less stressed so you can live this one life you were given.

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