After working 5 jobs in 7 years after college, and meeting the company’s retirement planner at each one. I decided working 40 hours/week for 40 years was not for me!  I told each of those men that my goal was to retire from my FT career by age 40. Most smirked and said good luck!  Which sparked a fire in me to make it happen!  But how??? Watching my boyfriend have time and money freedom for 6 years, I knew I had to become an entrepreneur to fulfill this goal, so I started my 1st business, a senior home care franchise in 2007.

Around year 3 I hit my breaking point when I was working 80+ hour weeks! I was finally making six figures but I had no time!  I knew something had to change!  So I enlisted my franchise support team and a coach to help me figure it out!

Just 2 years later, in October 2012, my boyfriend and I set out in our RV for a month-long trip to FL!  That winter I was able to travel back and forth to FL and spend about 1-2 weeks/month in warm weather!  I finally had the money and time I had worked so hard for!

I kept up and improved my part time work schedule for another 5 years but after working in senior home care for 13 years total and hearing people at the end of their lives have regrets and a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda, I sold it all - business, house, car! Even though I was making multiple six figures and working about half of the year I was desperate for more freedom and fulfillment!

Again we set out in the RV for 3 months, and when we landed in sunny South FL full time, I was desperate to figure out how I could do it all over again in my new business, but faster and better!

I wanted to not only figure it out for myself but also inspire other women to do the same. I started an online business, which led me to hire my business coaches. After 9 months of work but not the results I expected, they taught me the importance of a daily morning routine and challenged me to commit for 90 days!  This simple daily routine helped me figure out what I wanted and gave me the tools to achieve it. I realized by focusing on the right things I could work less and achieve more. Now I empower other women  entrepreneurs with a similar system so they can do the same!

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