3 Ways to Politely Say NO

Aug 30, 2022
3 Ways to Politely Say NO

Are you overwhelmed, overworked and almost over it all?

If you said yes, then it’s probably time to start saying NO!

But you don’t want people to think you can’t handle things, that you can’t multi-task, or that you are unhelpful, right?

No worries!  With this strategy I am going to teach you today, you will be able to say NO in a nice but powerful way that gets your message across!

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I built my first business to a million dollars in revenue and a six-figure salary by saying YES!  And I mean yes to everything!

  • Can you take on this client at Friday at 4pm? YES!
  • Can you do this presentation on Saturday at 10am? YES!
  • Can you help out on this volunteer committee? YES!

All those yeses lead to the most money I had ever made in my career and at age 30 was not a bad salary, BUT they also lead to burnout!

I was exhausted from working 80+ hour weeks and running around all the darn time!

So, once I said NO MORE, I had to put a strategy in place to figure out what to actually say yes to you, what to decline and how to do it in a way that would not jeopardize my business relationships!

Side note…I say business relationships only because at the time, I had no personal life so there was nothing to say no to!  Hint Hint, is this you too?  Here is how we get your life back, so listen up!

There was one major thing I needed to do and that was crunch my numbers!

As someone who was not a “numbers person” I was clueless on this but luckily had a great neighboring franchise owner who mentored me.

Once I started crunching those numbers, I was able to clearly see what was making me money in my business and what was just sucking the life out of me!

Now that I knew what was working and what wasn’t I needed to put a system in place to handle all the overwhelming, never-ending requests that came in!

Here is backbone of that system:

  1. Did the request align with my personal dreams and/or business mission?
  2. If no, I had to say NO!
  3. And here is how that went “Thank you so much Sally for thinking of me for the Cookie Committee. Unfortunately, right now, I am laser focused on improving the efficiency of my business so I can spend more time with my family. You might want to ask a local cookie company if they can volunteer for this role, because that sounds like a better fit!

And that was it!

Yup it was that simple!

Sure, it took some work, and some slow responses, for me to get up the courage and the script in my head, but one by one I worked those 3 steps and reclaimed my time!

See the key was having a system!  When you have a system, you follow it!  Which makes it easier to handle the requests and the responses.  Once I had the system established, I just followed it and voila, the magic began to happen!

The other thing that happened is the community began to understand where I was in my business, what my goals were, and it gained me more respect!

And I was still being helpful by giving them another option to try, so they did not mind that the request was turned down!  And I began to get requests that better aligned with my goals!  Now that’s a win win!

In Summary, if you want to reclaim your time, you must start saying no to requests that do not move you closer to your dreams, vision and goals.  This way you will have more time for what does matter in your life and business!  You will also find that using this 3-step system it takes the emotional guilt of saying no out of the mix because you are just following what you set up!  This leads you to gaining more time to focus on growing your revenue in the areas that excite you and move the needle forward in your business!  Use this simple system today the next time you get asked for a favor!

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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