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The Summer Book Series to Finding Life Balance - Episode 4

books focus on what you want gen x women goals inspiration shellye archambeau summer book series unapologetically ambitious Jul 19, 2021

Hey Friend!

Do you have a goal?

Then you need to do these 4 things:

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Take the Necessary Steps
  3. Tell People Your Goal
  4. Do the Work

This week I read Unapologetically Ambitious by Shellye Archambeau and it was FABULOUS!

This woman is a true inspiration in how to set goals!  

We all have goals, little ones, big ones and BHAG's (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) or at least we should all have goals!

Many of us struggle to achieve them and I think its for one main reason - we don't know WHY we set the goal!

In this week's episode of The Sailynn Show, I am diving deep into goal setting!

My goal is to bring you a weekly YouTube video with also a Free Resource you can use in your life right away! This week I am sharing The Summer Book Series to Finding Life Balance - 10 Books to Read to find Balance, Growth & Purpose while Relaxing on the Beach!!  We are on Book #4 so grab the download and jump right in!

After going through this free resource, you will have the list of 10 books, the links to the Amazon Book List, and a short description of each book so you can get started!

I know that if you’re interested in finding balance in your life, I just had to share with you my favorite new lifestyle framework! This is the next step in your personal development journey and builds upon this freebie! Its all about finding balance in 7 key areas of life: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends, Fun. It’s a personal development program designed for the individual user. All digital/interactive! Just for YOU! Send me a note on Messenger that says "BALANCE" and I will share more with you!

Book #4 - Unapologetically Ambitious by Shellye Archambeau

This book is my second favorite so far in our Summer Series!  I have never in my life heard a woman so passionate about achieving a dream before! 

When a school guidance counselor asked her what she wanted to do in her life, that simple meeting set her course to becoming the CEO of a major corporation!

Shellye has a special way of looking at life and what she wanted to achieve and it totally impressed me!  She was determined to achieve her goal no matter what!

She reframed her brain to think of sacrifices as choices, so she never felt she was missing out on something, but instead moving towards her ultimate goal!

She also heard many no's in her life, but just chalked them up as a not right now and kept chugging!

This woman is the epitome of focused and determined, but also kind and loving!

If you have a goal you want to achieve in your life, grab this book ASAP because this story can give you the inspiration to make it happen!

And don't forget to download my freebie - The Summer Book Series to Finding Life Balance - 10 Books to Read to find Balance, Growth & Purpose while Relaxing on the Beach!! so you can get the full list of books with links and descriptions!

You can download it right away by clicking the CLICK HERE image below!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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