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The Summer Book Series to Finding Life Balance - Episode 5 books brooke baldwin empowerment gen x women huddle personal development summer book series women Jul 26, 2021

Hey Friend!

It's time to:

  • Push those shoulders back
  • Hold your head high
  • Lock arms with another woman
  • Run to the Top TOGETHER!

Have you ever thought running to the top meant going it alone because there may be only one seat and YOU want it???

Well I got news for you!  There are probably...

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The Summer Book Series to Finding Life Balance - Episode 4 books focus on what you want gen x women goals inspiration shellye archambeau summer book series unapologetically ambitious Jul 19, 2021

Hey Friend!

Do you have a goal?

Then you need to do these 4 things:

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Take the Necessary Steps
  3. Tell People Your Goal
  4. Do the Work

This week I read Unapologetically Ambitious by Shellye Archambeau and it was FABULOUS!

This woman is a true inspiration in how to set goals!  


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Work - Life Balance Hacks! blog post books clubhouse focus on what you want gen x women how to figure out life overachiever's guide personal development work-life balance Jun 14, 2021

Hey Friend!

Balance - a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance!

The key words above are "proper amounts"


Balance does not have to be 50-50!  That was an Aha moment for me!

As we go through our lives,...

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Do You Love to Learn? blog post business coaches gen x women morning routine personal development May 24, 2021

Happy Monday!

Okay tell the truth were you the kid who loved everything about school...the classes, the learning, the homework OR were you more like me and was always thinking, how am I going to use this in my daily life? (Pop me a DM, I would love to know!)

I think I got this "questioning...

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Why to Use Affirmations in Your Life! affirmations blog post gen x women morning routine May 17, 2021

Happy Monday Friends!

Do you pay attention to what you say to young children?

If the answer is yes, Why do you do this?

Most likely because you know their young brains are very open to everything they hear and we do not want to spoil them with bad words or feelings!

So if you we know how...

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