Are You Leading By Example?

Apr 12, 2022
Are You Leading By Example?

If I were to ask your support team to describe you as a leader, what would they say?

Being a great leader is not an easy job and can be at times scary, overwhelming, and intimidating but if you want to grow your business to the point where you are no longer needed in the day to day, you have to empower your support team!

Think back to every great leader you have had a chance to learn from in your life.  What made them so special?

When I started my franchise business, the one thing I always tried to model from other great leaders I had had the chance to learn from, was to lead by example!

Meaning show your team that you are willing to do what it takes to get the job done!  No matter what!  For me that meant everything from taking out the trash to providing care to my senior home care clients when a caregiver was not available!

Today I am sharing with you some examples of what makes a great leader in business!

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Leading by example not only set the standard for my support team but also in the community!  I remember the networking event I was at the Friday of July 4th weekend, when I got the call that we had a client in the hospital ready to be discharged and the family could not get there in time and we could not find a caregiver to pick him up!  I excused myself from the event and went and picked up the client, got him settled in at home, and waited for his family to arrive.

That one action was talked about for years in the community from people at the event, they saw me leaving a fun event to go do what needed to be done, I can promise you, that made my company stand out from the others!

What makes you stand out from others?

Here are the 7 qualities that I think make a great leader that I personally work on daily:

  1. Be self-aware and continually work on your growth through personal and professional development! This was not something I understood as much back in my early career days, but now I truly get how important plugging into something that expands your mind daily is!  I incorporate this into my daily morning routine.
  2. Empowering others to grow too is essential! This could be your support team, friends, family, colleagues, community members!  I personally love to share what I am reading and learning, with the hope that it inspires someone else on their journey!
  3. Be open to feedback from others and digest the information no matter whether its good or bad. In the day and age where we are working in person and online, your presence is most likely seen by many, so when you receive feedback, it’s important to review it, digest it, and do what is appropriate with it!  This may be making a change or just being aware of it for the future!
  4. Encourage team members to think on their own! This was a hard lesson I had to learn but once I did, and empowered them to make decisions, the tools to get the job done, and my blessing that a mistake is okay, my business grew exponentially!
  5. Be humble and give credit where credit is due! You are the leader and hopefully not responsible for the day-to-day tasks!  So, when a product or service is delivered and is a huge success, give credit to the team members who made that happen! This builds your teams confidence in themselves and you!
  6. Stand Tall when needed! Being a great leader means there may be a time where you need to take a stand and back up a team member or take the fall when something goes wrong!  When your team knows that you will go to bat for them, that builds loyalty and trust!
  7. Finally, be a human! Treat each person with the same respect you want to be shown!  No one is better than someone else, no matter their skills, degrees, or knowledge!

Leading by example really is easy to do when you are a person with a heart centered approach!  When you lead with your heart, you really cannot go wrong!

In summary, being a leader can be challenging at times, but I have always found if I follow the ultimate golden rule of treat others how you would want to be treated, it gives you a guide on where to start!  And when you add in the daily personal and professional development that will keep your knowledge and skills expanding so you keep growing and can better serve your support team!  I hope these tips helped give you some ideas on where you can improve or get started as you build a sustainable business system that does not require you to be in the day to day and can truly shine being the leader you were meant to be!

Again I have empowered you with my free guide The Millionaire’s Morning Routine which will help you eliminate exhaustion, build confidence to say no when needed, and gain clarity for business decisions so you can work at your peak performance daily! You can download this free resource HERE

And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode, I also want to share this other video with you that will help you build your support team! 

And remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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