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How I Have Made Money 24/7 for 15 Years (AND You Can Too!)

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Turn Your Business Into a 24/7 Money Making Machine

Have you ever wished your business made money while you slept?

I never really knew the significance in that wish until I felt the power it gave me to live my life and make money 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

Back when I purchased my open franchise territory in 2007, I had no idea I was signing up for a 24/7 business. I mean the franchisor told me we provided service all day long, but the thought never sank in on how that would be handled by my team!  I was 27 years old and a little clueless, okay completely clueless!

That cluelessness led me to opening day in May 2007, where I worked all day, and then as I went to go home, I realized I needed to forward our office phones to my brand-new work cell phone!  At that moment, it hit me, OMG I was not done working, I actually had to keep this phone on and see if anyone would call!  And boy did they, not only that 1st year that I was the first person on-call but for the next 10 years while I owned that business.

While that may sound exhausting, which it was at times, I learned to leverage that 24/7 business model and turn it into a well-oiled money-making machine that ran every minute of the day!

And that is what I am sharing with you today, how to turn your business into a profit-making machine that makes you money while you are sleeping, vacationing, and living your one life!

Each week I empower you with training and a free resource, based on successful strategies that I have used in one of my businesses!  I share my journey with you to help you fast track your growth without all the headaches! This week you can watch on demand my free training - The Legacy Business Blueprint Masterclass.  This training gives you The 3 Secrets (They Don’t Teach in Business School) You Must Master NOW If You Want to Build a Profitable Business While Still Having a Life!  Click below, to stream it your preferred device today!

You are probably thinking, but Sailynn…I have an XYZ Company that cannot run 24/7 and make me money. You might be right but keep listening because I am going to give you 4 examples from my companies and 4 ideas in other industries on how you might be able to leverage tools and teams to change that!

What do I mean by leverage?

Leverage as a verb means: “use (something) to maximum advantage”.

This means you need to find “something” to work for you when you are not!  Now that something could be team members or tech tools!

Here are some of the ways I have leveraged team members or tech tools in my different businesses as some examples!

  1. In my franchise business, after my first year of being on-call 24/7, I knew I needed to pass the phone to someone else nights and weekends so I could get a break. So, I leveraged a team member who was looking to make extra money and already worked in healthcare so had some background knowledge and was excellent on the phone!  I paid her to answer the phones from 5pm to 8am on weeknights and all-day Saturday and Sunday!  This meant that I was no longer 1st in line for off hour phone calls.
  2. When I had my clothing boutique for a very short 14 months, I took the time to list every single item on my website, with a description and way for people to purchase, so they could shop while I was sleeping or doing other things! I loved waking up to a sale!  That is a great way to start your day!
  3. In my online skincare business, I developed an email campaign that people who were interested in learning more in starting their own business, could opt into any time of the day that would walk them through the process and showcase the benefits of the opportunity!
  4. And in my coaching business I developed The Legacy Business Blueprint Masterclass, which is a free training, women entrepreneurs can watch at any time of the day to learn more about building a solid foundation in their own business. At the end of the training, they are invited to join my online course to start their own journey! This again allows me to help many people 24/7 and make sales around the clock!

Let’s go over a couple of examples of different ways to leverage these in your current business so you can start making more money without working more hours!

  1. Real Estate Agent – Your business is very personal, and people driven. Potential sellers want to “check you out” before committing to list, right? What about sending people to a landing page with a video done by you that tells them about you, your business and what services make you unique. They can opt into this video through a quick landing page, where you capture their name, email, and phone number, so you can follow up!  You can also add a button at the end of the video that allows them to send you an email or text saying they are interested and are requesting a call back.
  2. Personal Trainer – Your business is one on one and built on trust! Potential clients want to know more about your fitness plan and what is entailed in achieving their fitness goals.  You could offer a first-time fitness video that is short, and small in price (think under $50) where people could see your training style and get in a quick workout to get started until you can connect with them to get them started on your training plans.  This would allow you to make residual income and capture leads when they opt in and purchase.
  3. Food Truck – The challenge with businesses like food trucks, is when you are not at a location selling food, how do you make money! That’s a great question!  Here is an idea: you have your location set for the week, you publicize it on social media, then you accept pre-orders for quick pickup maybe an hour before you open to the public.  This way people can walk up, pick up their order and not have to wait for you to make it.  They would place their pre-order with a pickup time, so it was fresh!  This would allow you to make more money in a shorter amount of time and help you prep for your supplies in advance!
  4. Artists – This is another field where you may only get paid for the work you produce. So how do you make more while sleeping? How about selling digital prints of pieces you have already commissioned. Meaning you paint, create, design your original piece but before it gets sold, you photograph it and sell that digital piece which can then be purchased on your website 24/7!

While these are just a few examples from my own businesses and ideas about other industries, this is just a starting point to get you thinking!

Anything is possible and as an entrepreneur its important to always be thinking, how can I increase my profit and improve my work life balance!

In summary, if you truly want to live your one life on your terms, you must be open to leveraging teams and tools to make that happen!  We live in a world where anything is possible, you just need to be creative and willing to try different options, until you figure it out!  Once I began to establish this key pillar in building my business foundation, that is when my work life balance began to improve.  You want to build a solid foundation in business BEFORE you have that business boom or BEFORE something changes in the economy or BEFORE you burn out!  Establishing the 4 key pillars I teach in The Legacy Business School will allow you as an entrepreneur to live the lifestyle you choose and have the business profit to support it!

To learn more about The Legacy Business School, I am sharing my free masterclass training - The Legacy Business Blueprint!  This is a behind the scenes look into building a successful and profitable business that allows you to have a great life, you know, one you are proud of!  These 3 secrets are the things they don’t teach in business school, or it seems online lately, so it’s a must watch if you want to have a business that supports your dream lifestyle and make a profit!  Click below to watch on your preferred device now!! 

And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode, I have another video that I know you will find value in right here! And remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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