How I Worked Part Time & Built MY Business!

Sep 13, 2022
How I Worked Part Time & Built MY Business!

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant, and stressed?

If you asked me that question back in 2010, I would have raised my hand, well if I had the energy to at that moment!

I was so confused on why I was feeling so stuck in my business!  We had reached the million dollar per year mark and celebrated but nothing changed!

I was still working 80+ hours!  I was still exhausted! And worst that revenue level had not moved in months!  What the heck was wrong?

Luckily, I took the time to figure it out so I can share my story with you today and how to fix the problem if you are feeling the same way!

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Back in 2010 I had a small team that was supporting my business. We hustled hard and got the job done!

But if I am being honest, I had built a business on hustling hard!

While you might have heard that is way you build a business, I am here to tell you, it’s not!

Sure, when you are building or in different seasons of your business, you will be working more hours than you normally should, but the secret to building a business is NOT hustling!

See hustle means you’re working hard, putting in long hours, and just getting it done!

You are most likely not thinking BIG picture and long term…

And if you continue down that path like I did for 3 years, your business will be built on hustle and not sustainable strategies that successful businesses need to grow for the long haul!

So, what is the secret to making this shift?

Having a team that has defined roles and knows the company mission, vision and values!

See when you are hustling you are just putting out fires every day!

When you have a team that knows not only their job but also knows what the company strives to achieve for the long term, that is when the magic starts to happen!

And that is when you can start working less and making more money!

Here is what I did to set my team and my company up for long term success:

  1. I sat down and really thought about what I wanted my company to be known for. Then I looked at all the things we were doing and figured out what we needed to do more of and what we needed to STOP doing!
  2. Then I looked at my organizational chart which was a mess and started to define who was doing what, who reported to who, and assessed each team members skill set to see if I had the right people on the team for us to make this transition. Side note, I did not, and now that I knew that I had to do something about it!
  3. Then I communicated the mission to the team! You need to have them onboard with your vision, so they have a clear understanding of the big picture and where they play into that!  And I said goodbye to the people who were not the best fit for the company mission. This was so difficult because these women had hustled hard for me but I knew I needed to make this move in the best interest of the company overall.
  4. Finally, I got to work on finding the right people for the roles so the company could grow with the skill set we needed. I was on a mission to find team members who were dedicated and had the skills I lacked so the puzzle pieces could start coming together.

Those 4 steps did not happen overnight. Sure, I had some more wrong hires, and some bumps in the road, but I kept going!

That perseverance allowed me to build a team that could run the company while I left for a 30-day RV road trip!  That trip was the beginning of my journey to working part time and tripling my income and revenue!

We were no longer stuck!  We were moving forward with a plan!

In Summary, if you are a solopreneur it’s probably time to start thinking long term growth strategy, which means accepting help OR if you have a team but growth has been stagnant, it’s time to do what I did and reassess your team!  Being the CEO, Owner, and Leader is never easy, but it is your responsibility to do what is best for company overall and not one person.  It never gets emotionally easier to shift your team, but it does get easier when you implement a strategy for growth. I encourage you to sit down and assess your own business today!  The systems, strategies and plans you make today are needed for you achieve your dream life goals!

If you want to learn more about implementing systems and hiring the right team, watch this free masterclass today - The Legacy Business Blueprint!  This is a behind the scenes look into building a successful and profitable business that allows you the time and money to live your one life on your terms.  These 3 secrets are the things they don’t teach in business school, or it seems online lately, so it’s a must watch if you want to have a business that turns a profit without working more hours!  The link to watch on demand is below! 

And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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