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How to Eliminate Your Bad Procrastination Habit

business building tips business coaches business lessons procrastination sustainable strategies Oct 18, 2022
How to Eliminate Your Bad Procrastination Habit

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Is procrastination slowing your business growth? I recently posed the question on Facebook, “If you could change one bad business habit you have, what would it be?” And the top answer was procrastination!  The good news is that you are not alone if this is something you struggle with in business too!  And that is why today you want to keep watching because I am sharing how I get done the items in my business that I dread!

We all do it!  We procrastinate about the necessary but boring tasks!  It could be because we fear them or because we find no joy in them, but we continue to do it until the day comes when the task is due!

Then we go into overdrive and overwhelm trying to get this task done that we absolutely dread but we have to do to make the deadline!

Does this sound familiar?

I was the same way in my first business with anything to do with bookkeeping!  No matter whether it was AR, AP, or anything to do with numbers, it was so low on my list of priorities!  Unless it was depositing checks, that I loved!

What I learned was I needed to do a few things in order to fix my problem and today I am sharing this process with you!

 Step one:

You must figure out why this task is even on your list and is it necessary!  That may sound like a stupid question, but I can tell you there have been many tasks on my to-do list that when I finally took the time to actually dig deep and figure out why I was doing them, I realized they weren’t that important and I could delete them off my list altogether!  So, sit down and think about what task you are procrastinating on and why it needs to be done. Dig deep 3-5 layers to make sure it is absolutely necessary!  I my case AR and AP were absolutely necessary, so I had to do them, whether I liked it or not!

Step two:

Why do you procrastinate on this task?  Is it out of fear? Is it because you lack the skills in this area? Is it because you find it boring? Or is it because it is out of your zone of genius?  There are so many reasons we may be procrastinating about a task and once you determine it is necessary to do, we need to figure out why we have this wall up in getting it done.  For me, AR & AP was twofold, I did not enjoy it and I found it not in my zone of genius!

Step three:

Is it possible to delegate to someone else?  Every task you must do in your business is not going to be fun or something you enjoy!  That is why as your business grows, you begin to establish a team to support you!  Your team should be tasked with the duties that you don’t enjoy or are not good at!  So, in my case, after 5 years of slugging through my AR & AP duties, I knew the only way for me to move to the next level of freedom in my business, was for me to hire someone to do these tasks for me!  And so, I did!  Once that plan was in place, the person was hired and the training was complete, OMG I felt like a whole new person!  Sure, I still reviewed the numbers monthly but I was not responsible for the day to day!

Finally Step four:

Time to celebrate! Once you remove yourself from the responsibility of having to complete this task, your mind is now free to focus on other things inside your business!  You are no longer feeling down on yourself, for not doing it and your sense of freedom has improved!  This is where the sweet spot lies in business!  Mindset shifts like this one will enable you to grow your business even further because you will feel accomplished and ready for the next challenge!  You saw the problem, did the research, put a plan in place and now you are working ON your business and not in the day-to-day grind!  This is when you celebrate, which is totally necessary every step of the way in growing a business that supports your dream lifestyle!

If you are procrastinating on a certain task, join me inside my free masterclass - The Legacy Business Blueprint!  This is a behind the scenes look into building a successful and profitable business that allows you the time and money to live your one life on your terms.  The 3 secrets I share in this webinar are what helped me shift from 80+ hour work weeks to part time WHILE building a multi-million-dollar business. The link to watch on demand is and it’s also linked below!

And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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