How to Find More Time In Your Day!

Sep 21, 2021


Do You Wish There Was Just One Extra Hour in Each Day?

When I started my franchise business, I lived an hour from my business and was working 10-12 hour days!  There were so many mornings and nights, I wished for just one extra hour so I could finish a project!

I never found that extra hour, so naturally I constantly felt like I was on a hamster wheel just going around and around each day!

What is that saying…If you do the same thing daily and expect a different result, that is a definition of insanity?  That is how I felt for 3 years!

Until one day, it all changed…When my business coaches taught me this technique….

Today I am going to share with you the easiest and most efficient way to find more time in your day without hoping for that extra hour, we both know is not happening!

So many of the women I work with are neglecting their probably most important need – SLEEP!  As someone who values her sleep and tries to never put that last on my list (actually its #1), I help my clients find the extra time they need, so they can get the sleep we are all desperate for!

So what is this magic trick to find more time?  Its as simple as time blocking your schedule!  If you are saying to yourself, wait, that’s it, hold up and listen!

Most women have a paper calendar, electronic calendar, family calendar, to do list, sticky notes, whiteboard and the list goes on!  Does that sound at all familiar???

If it does, then keep listening, today we are going to choose just one, and personally I chose electronic because it really is the best IMO!

Then you are going to put everything and I mean everything from all those formats into 3 categories – MUST, MAYBE and MOVE!


Must is everything you must get done, like sleep, work, set appointments etc.


Maybe is everything that must get done but the day and time are flexible throughout the week. Like laundry, grocery shopping, dry cleaners, etc.


Move is everything that must get done but can be done at a later time, meaning not this week! Such as buying a birthday gift, planning a vacation, spring cleaning the house etc.

Once you categorize everything, put them in your format of choice, again I chose electronic and my favorite is Google Calendar because I love to color code (download the freebie for my advice on this).

The secret to this working is being reasonable with the time slots – meaning if you work 9am to 4pm, and you have a 60 minute commute like I did, then you need to account for that.!  You cannot put an item at 4:30pm if you will be driving, unless it is something you can do while driving safely, like listen to a webinar that came through your email you were excited about!

Once you implement this strategy, commit for 21 days to form a habit and then keep going for 90 days!  When you look up 90 days later, you should feel a sense of peace, more efficiency and maybe you did find that extra hour for your family, fun or friends that you had been wishing for!


In summary, when you use one format to keep all of your to-do’s in one place and categorize them into 3 groups, you will see the big picture of your life and where you can find extra time in your day!

As always I am empowering you with a free resource to give a deeper dive into this technique! So go grab it below!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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