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How to Hire Your First VA: Tips for Women in Business

hiring hiring friends and family how to hire va virtual assistant when to hire Jul 09, 2024
How to Hire Your First VA: Tips for Women in Business

Today I am giving you the first step in my hiring framework, so you can get the help you need to start working less hours in your business.

This video will work in hiring for an employee, virtual assistant, or contractor. 

Most women entrepreneurs think they are not ready to hire help, cannot afford help or don’t know where to start with the whole process.

So, you continue to use your “unpaid or underpaid workforce” such as your husband to setup your events, your mom to help you pack & ship orders, your best friends kid to handle your social media or you are still doing it all yourself and don’t even want to think about the hours you are putting in vs the amount of your revenue.

But now your date nights are non-existent, your moms away and your orders are backed up, your social media was not exactly what you imagined your brand to look like, and TBH you are so exhausted you are falling into bed but still can’t sleep because your brain won’t shut down.

Good news!

Hiring paid help for your business is easier than you think when you use my 3 Part Support Team Framework which I go through in detail inside my signature program, The Legacy Business School! There are videos, workbooks & templates to walk you step by step confidently through this process.

Today we are focusing on the first part of the framework, Recruiting! 

This is the forgotten step that most entrepreneurs miss, and that is why we are covering only this part today to ensure whoever you do hire, it will be a success! By the end of this video, you will have all the pieces you need to get started and will be able to complete them within just 48 hours!

Hey there, I’m Sailynn, Your FUN Business Coach and I empower women to boost profits & banish burnout so you can enjoy a healthy work life balance in just 90 days!

I’m about to give you the first step and this alone will help your job opening stand out from the crowd. The biggest mistake I see businesses make is they don’t convey this info during the recruiting process. And so, they blend in with everyone else and struggle to recruit a viable candidate.

There are 3 steps to complete this whole process but today we are focusing on the most important one for recruiting your new hire. So, let’s dive in…

First you want to define your Business Mission Statement. 

Having a clear, impactful statement about your business will give your job posting more credibility.  Job seekers will be able to quickly identify that your company is well thought out, organized and on a mission to make an impact. And when job seekers read your mission and it makes them excited, this will attract the right applicants to your job opening!  Giving you options to choose the best candidate.

Now that you understand the importance of this critical first step. Let me share a story…

Back in 2014, on average I would receive 200-400 applicants for one job posting in my franchise office. I would sift through and pull the ones that stood out. As I was going through this process, I received a call from one applicant who wanted to explain why the job I posted was meant for her. She went on to tell me that my company, mission & job was everything she was not only qualified to do but also it personally aligned with where she wanted to spend the next part of her career.  When she said that, I knew this was an applicant that I wanted to pull from the pile and look at more carefully.  When you define your business mission, you will receive passionate applicants like this one too!

Okay step two can be a bit scary when we see the big picture, but I promise you it’s worth it!  The next biggest mistake I see women make is deciding to hire someone without knowing what they will actually have them do. And so often I see women hire someone without clearly defining their job duties and this leads to them not meeting your expectations. I have a whole process to help you work through this inside The Legacy Business School, but I’m going to keep this simple today.

Second, you want to create a job description

So the applicants can read it over and clearly understand what you are looking for and decide if it’s a good fit for them to apply. Without a clear job description, they will need more management than you planned on offering. To develop a job description, you want to list all the tasks that are outside your Zone of Genius that you would want this potential person to complete.  You can keep it simple and just list them in bullet format on a Google Doc.

Now I said this part may be scary because when you start listing all the tasks that are outside your Zone of Genius, you may become overwhelmed with how many tasks you are completing yourself and think how are you going to find one person to do all this. I felt the same way back when I started my coaching journey!  I was a solopreneur and the list of items on my to-do list was more like 10 jobs vs just one. So that is why once you get them listed, I am going to teach you step 3 which is going to solve this problem!

As we move into step 3, you now have your list of tasks that need to be completed in your business that if someone else can do for you, you would finally be able to start reclaiming your time and not working 7 days a week anymore! The final biggest mistake I see small business owners making during the recruiting process is lacking a growth plan. This is why you are overworked and underpaid! I have a great template inside my signature program, The Legacy Business School, for you to use during this planning process but today I am going to help you do this with a blank paper to get you started!

Third, you want to develop an organizational chart to choose the job that you want to hire for first.

And then use the organizational chart to future forecast your business growth, so you know exactly as your business scales what will be the second job opening you recruit for. You can grab a blank sheet of paper and put all the tasks outside your Zone of Genius into job categories or departments and then lay them out and develop an organizational chart.

Now you have a clear picture of what job to recruit for first and have a plan for your future growth. Doing this step now will save you time, as you scale your business.  When I purchased my franchise business, this was all laid out for us based on revenue levels. So, all I had to do was reference where I was revenue wise and then see what was the recommended next hire to plan for.  This allowed me to always stay ahead of the competition and have an idea of what was coming next!

You now have the 3 basic steps to recruiting your first employee, VA, or contractor. 

If you want to learn more about how to recruit, hire & onboard so your team makes you money and frees you from being involved in the daily operations 80% of your time, I invite you to join me inside my free training: The No BS Work Life Balance Workshop where I am sharing the 3 Vital Shifts to Banish Burnout, Boost Profits, and Reignite Your Entrepreneurial Fire!

This is the exact blueprint, I used inside my senior home care franchise business to shift from working 80+ hour weeks to just 16 while tripling my business revenue and 4x my personal paycheck. And I am using this same blueprint inside my coaching business to avoid burnout and work part time hours! You can find the link in below:

And if you have any questions, DM me on Instagram or Facebook

Thanks so much for watching and remember to live your one life!


Your FUN Business Coach

Creator of The Legacy Business System


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