The Power of Leveraging Your Network

Mar 15, 2022
The Power of Leveraging Your Network

Are you afraid to make the ask?

Prior to starting my senior home care franchise, I worked for a home health agency for 3 years.  I was in the fundraising, PR, marketing, grant writing, side of the company but I got to know a lot of people those 3 years I was there!

When I left to start my franchise, my franchisor gave me a list of every agency in my territory that might be able to refer clients to me.  This list was HUGE with hospitals, assisted livings, home health agencies, senior centers, estate lawyers and pharmacies. It was overwhelming because I did not know where to start.

So, I decided to leverage the network I already had in this industry to begin and that is how I found quick success!  I reached out to the people I already knew to get the ball rolling!

Today I am sharing with you 4 strategies on how to leverage your current network to expand your reach!

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 While you may be hesitant to ask someone for a favor, you probably never hesitate to help someone else when you are asked for something!

Why is this? Because helping others is part of finding a meaningful life!

Aristotle wrote that finding happiness and fulfillment is achieved “by loving rather than in being loved.”

Therefore, when someone asks you for help, you feel compelled to help them!  It makes you feel good!

Now I am adding in my disclaimer, that saying yes to everything is not a good thing and you need to set boundaries but that is another topic you can learn about in this video!

Back to leveraging your network!  Everyone has a network.  They say the average person knows about 600 people.  Think about the lists you have on social media, in your phone contacts and from events you have attended in the past.  I can promise you that you know more people than you even realize.

So, as you are growing your business and looking for ways to leverage everything in your life to truly set you free, you need to leverage your network of people.

Here are 4 strategies that will help you get started:

  1. Think about where in your business you have a bottleneck or challenge. Maybe it is something you have been struggling with for awhile and have not found the right solution yet.  Now I want you to think about another business that probably had that same challenge, come up with a short list of businesses and then go through your network to see who you may know to get to speak to someone in those businesses.  Make the connection, compliment them on their success, share that you admire them, then ask for their advice on how they fixed that problem in their business.  You can call one person or a few people to get multiple ideas.
  2. If you are looking to expand your business into a new category of buyers, do some research on similar companies who have made comparable moves. Google search them and find out where they were vs where they are now.  Then search your network for someone who has a connection to one of these companies and again reach out, compliment them, then ask for their advice.
  3. Have you been struggling to hire the right person for a job within your company? Maybe you have had some bad hires that failed or just can’t get the applicants you need to apply. A simple way to leverage your network is a post on social media!  Keep it simple and list 3 qualities or skills in your perfect applicant and ask for referrals.  People can tag their friends who they think would be perfect or DM you themselves with their resumes.  The power of a post can be enormous!
  4. Take advantage of your network’s free offers! Most coaches like myself offer a free 30–60-minute session where you can chat about a certain subject.  These are short quantities of time, so make sure you come prepared with your main questions and what you are looking for.  It could be advice, referrals, solutions, who knows.  I have found so much value in speaking with professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and time with others!

One of the main objections I hear about leveraging your network is “what if they say no”!  A NO is an answer, which is what you are looking for!  You have a huge list and the more people who give you a NO, get you one step closer to a YES to your solution, struggle, or challenge.  So, keep going!  And just because it’s a NO to this request, does not mean it will be a no to everything, so keep them on your list, thank them for their time and let them know you will definitely keep in touch for the future!

In summary, if you want to truly be free to live the life you dream about, you must be willing to be ask for things.  This may take out of your comfort zone, but it may also give you exactly what you need help with!  Most people will want to help you and even if they cannot help you directly, they may introduce you to someone else that may be able to help, which expands your network even further!  So, make a list today of the items that you could benefit from with some help, then search your network and make the ask!  I believe in you and again I am always available to help in the DMs!

Again, I have empowered you with tips and a free resource to help you live this one life we were given! This week I am offering you a FREE one on one Strategy Session! CLICK HERE to Book a FREE Strategy Session where I will help you with 2 things: 1) get crystal clear on the lifestyle and business you want to create and 2) put some simple systems in place to make it happen! 

And don’t forget to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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