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The Surprising Secret to Building Your Business

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The Surprising Secret to Building Your Business

Do you struggle to put yourself out there especially in group settings?

I was recently at a few large events and what I saw when I opened my eyes was a lot of women just like the old me…

They were the wallflowers, table holder uppers, and shy girls just standing around desperately waiting for someone to approach them!

That was the old me too!

I went to events and just hoped that I knew someone I could cling to so I would not feel alone!

However, what I learned is that if you want something in life, then you have to pull those shoulders back, hold your head high, and push those feelings of fear down to your feet so you can stomp on them!

I am still that extremely shy kid that refused to look people in the eye, but I am also an empowered woman who wants to live her best life!

And today I am sharing a few insights with you on how to do the same!

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Here is the plain and simple truth…If you want to build a successful business that supports your dream lifestyle, you must learn how to put yourself out there!

All businesses need sales and sales come from marketing, which can be done online or in person!  Regardless of how you are marketing your business, it requires you as the face of the company to put yourself out there, which I know can be super scary!

But here is the surprising secret no one tells you…

You are not alone in being scared to death of doing this!

40-50% of the population considers themselves to be shy!

I bet you did not expect that high of a number!

So, think about that, you are in a room of 100 people and when you look around, every other person is having those same gut-wrenching feelings of shyness too!

Now how does that make you feel?

For me, when I had this mindset shift, I realized wow, this was my opportunity as a leader to really step up my game!  I NEEDED to step up my game and make others feel welcomed because life is much easier when you have others by your side!

So that is what I learned to do!  And here are the 3 things that I did:

  1. I became a connector online and in person, by trying to connect more people so they did not feel alone. This could be introducing people at a party and giving them someone else to chat with. Or online connecting people through Messenger who could help each other! It’s kind of like shy girl matchmaking!
  2. I put a genuine smile on my face and said hi to people! This was HUGE!  When you walk by someone at a party and they catch your eye, smile, and say hi!  Some people are just looking for that one small olive branch at an event to feel included!
  3. And finally, I learned how to work the room! This was probably the hardest for me, but whenever I enter an event, I head to the bathroom, give myself a quick pep talk, then go out with a smile and wander around looking for those wallflowers who are looking for the friendly face!

These 3 core principles have helped me tremendously in business, because it has improved my self-confidence, helped me develop my leadership skills, and be seen as someone who is kind, caring, and fun to be around!  Which in turn leads people to becoming a part of my world and learning about my business and services.

Do I still struggle? Absolutely!  But the more I put myself out there, lock arms with other women, and help them on their journey to success, the easier it gets because I know this is what I was meant to do in life!  And how can you shy away from helping others?

In summary, remember you are never alone!  All it takes is one person to smile and the other will most likely reciprocate!  And that person could be your next best friend, client, or customer that you never would have connected with if you had not squashed that fear!  Building a business should be fun and it can be when you enjoy the process more!  So, if you are struggling with networking your business, send me a DM so we can connect and I can help you!

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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