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Why Perfectionism Is Holding You Back From Freedom

assessing your business business building tips delegate dream big mindset perfectionism work-life balance Jun 07, 2022
Why Perfectionism Is Holding You Back From Freedom

Let’s be real with ourselves…Are you a person who is desperate to be in control of every darn thing in your life?

You know what I mean, you think no one else can do it the right way, or if it’s not done your way then it’s wrong. You think you must do everything because it is the only way to get things done, right.

Is this sounding familiar?

If you said YES, then added in…but it’s the truth. Believe me you are not alone!

We all want things to look and feel nice in life because it makes us look and feel better!

You want your office to be pretty and organized, you want your family to be well dressed and behaved, and you want your business to look like a million bucks!

I get it!  I like things organized, I like things to present well, and I like things to be done the right way too (which always seemed to be my way🤣)!

But what I realized, was if I wanted the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and from where I want, then I needed to let go of the control that perfection had on me and embrace the done is better than perfect mantra!

And today I am sharing with you why this mindset shift is key to getting everything you want and more!

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Freedom!  That ONE word drives us to become an entrepreneur, work hard daily and keep going!  We are all so desperate to have the time, money, and flexibility to live this life we can only dream about!

The problem is most entrepreneurs, coaches and schools do not tell you the truth or give you the behind the scenes look at what it takes to achieve those dreams!

I know I sure was clueless!

I just thought if I wanted something bad enough and did whatever work was needed, then eventually it would happen, right?

Well, it can, but for most people it takes a lot of pain and suffering to get there, and that is why I share my story to hopefully help you skip to the good part!

In order to achieve the life, you dream about daily, first you need to know what that looks like with detailed clarity.  Check out this previous episode for help in gaining clarity on this topic:

Once you know what your definition of freedom and living the dream looks like, then you can put a plan in place to achieve it!

Are you ready?

It takes just 3 steps, so grab a pen and pad and get ready to take some notes!

  1. You must implement systems and processes for everything in your business and even your home life. Now if you are a perfectionist, this should be an enjoyable task for you because you are basically putting your experience, knowledge and creativity onto a document that explains how to do something and why it’s important to do it your way!  Sounds amazing right! The key to a successful system is making it simple and easy for someone else to duplicate. So, while I understand you want every tiny detail in there, do not scare away the end user by making it too long and overwhelming to even start.
  2. You must accept help in your home and business! Now I know as a perfectionist you have probably tried this before, but your helper failed or you had to let them go because they just did not do it correct!  Am I on the right path here?  If you are nodding your head or thinking she finally gets me, keep listening! I totally get it, I was one of those bosses who had a team member complete a task, it would not be done to my standards, so I would redo it myself.  Sound even more familiar? Now here is where you need to really listen in, so stop multi-tasking and come back here with your full attention…NO ONE is ever going to do it exactly like you!  Do you know why? Because they are not you!  You can have the most detailed system in place with 100+ steps and it will always be a different result if you did it yourself!  I know that can be super frustrating for people like us, but if you want to achieve freedom in your life and business then you must look at the big picture and embrace, the done is better than perfect mentality!  How do you ask?  Working on your mindset! Daily!
  3. And finally, you must use tools in your business to take as much user error and manual work out of the process! I know you are struggling with things getting done the right way aka your way!  So why not use some tech tools to streamline some tasks!  Here is an example, when I had my franchise, I went on care consults with potential clients to learn about their needs and see if my companies’ services were right for them. When I booked them in my calendar, I wanted them a certain way because that allowed me to run reports easily. As I hired more team members and they were booking them on my calendar for me, it was a mish mosh of how they were inputted because I had no system.  I finally made a system and then it got better!  However, if I was doing this today, I would use a tech tool like Calendly where someone could choose a day and time, click Book, and then it would go onto my calendar EXACTLY how I liked it!  Not only would this save man hours which we both know equals money, but it would also eliminate my frustration with it not having done my way!  Nowadays there are so many ways to implement a tech tool that will not only save you money but will also save you feeling like you have to do everything because no one does it right!

These 3 steps allowed me to shift in my first business from 80+ hour weeks to working part time, building a multi-million-dollar business, and having a life that I loved and was able to live!

As a former perfectionist, I can tell you that when you do these 3 things, you can not only get things done, but you can get them done in a way that makes you happy!  Having the freedom to live your life makes you happy!

This is not an overnight process, but I know if you begin working on this TODAY, you can see results very quickly in your life and business!

In Summary, As April Bryan says, “Perfectionism is a delusion that can rob one of a very successful, enriching life if not careful.”

You went into business to have control of your time, money, and flexibility but that does not mean you have to control everything!

You will see more freedom in your life, if you can let go and enjoy the journey!

And between you and I, can I tell you that living an amazing life is way better than stressing over things looking perfect!

If you want learn more about the 3 steps I mentioned and how you can begin to implement them into your business, I invite you to watch my free masterclass training - The Legacy Business Blueprint!  This is a behind the scenes look into building a successful and profitable business that allows you to have a great life, you know, one you are proud of!  These 3 secrets are the things they don’t teach in business school, or it seems online lately, so it’s a must watch if you want to have a business that supports your dream lifestyle and make a profit!  Click to watch on demand below! 

And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode, here is the link to that other video that I mentioned to you above that will help you clarify your dream life! And remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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