Why You're Not Achieving Your Goals

Jun 14, 2022
Why You're Not Achieving Your Goals

Have you been banging your head against the wall trying to desperately figure out why your business growth has been stagnant?

Let’s back up a bit and get to the root cause of what might be going on!

You started your business with the drive and mentality that you were willing to do whatever whenever to succeed and not return to your 9 to 5, right?

So, you put together your offer, which is a product or service, then you announced it to the world, and probably got some sales, but now nothing!

You are hustling every day to grow grow grow but nothing BIG is happening!

Sure, you are getting some sales here and there which keeps you moving forward, but the slow growth is starting to kill your get er done mindset and something has to change!  Am I right?

Are you thinking right now, how in the heck does she know what’s going on in my head?

Because I have been there, in your seat, wondering the same thing!

Good news!  I figured it out through a lot of trial and error and today I am giving you the shortcut to success!

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When we start a business, we never think that business growth will look more like a rollercoaster than a steady march up the mountain!  We just think, it will keep getting bigger and bigger because you are working on it daily, right?

Well, what happens when you are going down and not up with your numbers, what then?

After lots of mistakes in my many businesses here is what I have found that works best!

  1. We must start at the beginning, with why you opened your business in the first place. What is your why?  You know the main reason you said, I want to start a business.  After you know that, you must dig deeper because for most people that Why is surface level!  For example, I want to make more money!  That’s a great reason to start a business but not a big enough reason to keep you going!  So, let’s figure out how much money you want to make and what you will spend it on and lay it all out clearly.  Once you know what the end goal is, we can set smaller goals along the way to celebrate and keep you moving forward on those tough days!
  2. You must dial in your offer and ideal customer. I am sure this is not new to you because everyone talks about it, but there is a reason for that.  When you know what you offer exactly and who you serve, then you can clearly explain that to people in person and online.  So, they know you are the woman who makes XYZ and it solves this problem.  This way when someone is looking for XYZ and they come across your business, they know they are in the right place and buy!  And when a friend of theirs needs XYZ, they know to refer them to you, because again they know it solves their problems!  Makes sense, right?
  3. Once you are clear on your why, then dial in your ideal customer and offer, next up is having a sales experience system! This is sooooo important and here’s why!  If you want to ensure that every single customer has the same amazing experience, then you need a system in place to make that happen!  This could be for an in person or online experience too!  Here is an example, someone sees your social media post, they click your link in bio, then they stumble upon your masterclass, which they watch and connect with, then they are exposed to your offer at the end, and they know this is the answer they have been looking for, so they buy! At this point you are probably jumping around, dancing and celebrating but as my dad always said the sale of the SECOND car is not made in the dealership, it’s made in the service shop. What he meant was, if you want someone to be happy with their product or service, it’s not the initial experience exclusively, it’s how you handle them after the sale and going forward.  So, this is when they go through your customer experience system and follow that process.  Where hopefully it goes well and even if it doesn’t, you fix it and make them happy, so they continue to stay loyal to you and your business!

So, if you are wondering how this all connects to stagnant growth, I want you to dig into these questions in your business:

  • Do I have a deep why that will keep me motivated on the tough days?
  • Do I know who my ideal customer is?
  • Do I clearly explain to them my offer?
  • Do I have a sales experience system for them to go through and purchase?
  • And do I have a customer service system to keep them loyal and coming back for more?

If you do not have those in place, it’s time to slow down to speed up, and take a really deep dive into your business to figure out where you are stuck, so you can fix it and increase your profit today!

And if you are unsure about this whole process, ask someone who barely knows you, maybe someone in a group you belong to, who could be your ideal customer, to go through your system and test it for their open feedback!  Just a tip though, don’t ask someone who is not similar to your ideal customer, otherwise their feedback may not be aligned!

In summary, business growth will not always be a continual upward climb. There will be times where you remain level or even dip.  Those are the times you need that deep why!  And those are the times where you need to slow down in your business, take a step back, and really evaluate what you are offering and to who, and how their experience is being handled.  Working more is NOT the answer to stagnant growth, believe me, I tried that.  It’s actually better to take a little break, schedule a company retreat for a day or half day, and evaluate the big picture so you can figure out what is not working!  Every single time, I have run through this whole process, I have come out on the other side, more committed to my business and the stagnation stops and the growth begins!

If you are ready to stop your stagnation, join me for my free masterclass training - The Legacy Business Blueprint!  This is a behind the scenes look into building a successful and profitable business that not only serves you but also makes the impact you want to share with the world!  These 3 secrets are the things they don’t teach in business school, or it seems online lately, so it’s a must watch if you want to have a business that supports your dream lifestyle and make a profit!  Click to watch on demand below! 

And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode, here is a link to another video that I know will help you with this whole slow down to speed up process!  And remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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