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Work Calendar: Scheduling & Planning the Week Ahead

90 day planning business planning daily planning plan quarterly planning weekly planning Dec 12, 2023
Work Calendar: Scheduling & Planning the Week Ahead

If you're ready to grow your business on your terms without working endless hours, you're in the right place. I'm here to share a game-changing strategy that transformed my franchise business from an 80+ hour workweek nightmare into a well-oiled money-making machine, allowing me to triple my business revenue and quadruple my personal salary—all while working just 16 hours weekly.

You're in the right place! I'm Sailynn, Your FUN Business Coach, I'm on a mission to empower success-driven women entrepreneurs like you with a sustainable system to stop overworking IN your business so you can continue to scale on your terms without working more hours!

Today, we're diving into the world of work calendars and how to effectively schedule and plan your week. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business, managing your time wisely is crucial for success. So let's get started!

Why is having a well-organized work calendar so important?

A well-organized work calendar is like a roadmap for your week. It helps you prioritize tasks, allocate time effectively, and ensure that you meet your deadlines. It also provides a clear overview of your commitments, helping you avoid overcommitting and spreading yourself too thin.

Now, for those looking to enhance their calendar management skills, where should you start?

The first step is to establish a routine for planning your week. Set aside dedicated time each week to review your calendar, identify priorities, and allocate time for key tasks. This proactive approach ensures that you stay on top of your responsibilities and reduces the likelihood of last-minute stress. I spend 15 minutes each Sunday planning my week so I am proactive and not reactive!  This quick and simple planning process allows me to add at least 150 minutes of extra white space time into my calendar each week! If you want a free template to guide you through this process, check out this video

You might be wondering…Are there any specific tools or apps that I recommend for effective calendar management?

There are several excellent tools available, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or more specialized apps like Asana. Choose a tool that aligns with your preferences and integrates seamlessly with your workflow. The key is to leverage technology to streamline the scheduling process and enhance your overall productivity.

Personally I love Google Calendar and inside my signature program, The Legacy Business School, my clients have access to my 7-Figure Google Calendar Tutorial which I used to power my multi-million dollar franchise in just 16 hours weekly!

Now, let's talk about the actual process of scheduling. How can you prioritize tasks and allocate time effectively on your calendar?

Prioritization is crucial. Begin by identifying your most important tasks for the week – those that align with your goals and deadlines. Schedule dedicated blocks of time for these high-priority tasks first. Then, fill in the remaining time with less urgent tasks. Be realistic about how much time each task will take, and don't forget to account for breaks to maintain focus and avoid burnout. This is a very practical approach.

And what about unexpected events or disruptions that can throw off a carefully planned schedule?

Flexibility is key. Build buffer time into your schedule to accommodate unexpected meetings, urgent tasks, or other disruptions. Additionally, regularly review and adjust your calendar as needed. A flexible mindset allows you to adapt to changes without compromising your overall productivity.

Before we wrap up, here is a final tip on mastering your work calendar!

Consistency is key to success in calendar management. Stick to your planning routine, regularly reassess your priorities, and be willing to adjust your schedule when necessary. Over time, you'll develop a system that works seamlessly for you, leading to increased productivity and a better work-life balance.

Remember, a well-organized calendar is a powerful tool in achieving your business goals. And because I understand the struggle of being stuck in the daily grind, that's why I wanted to introduce to you today a tool that played a crucial role in my success—the work calendar.

You see, my journey went from overwhelming 80+ hour weeks to a sustainable system that not only freed up my time but also significantly boosted my business. And now, I'm inviting you to learn the exact system I used to make this shift, inside The Legacy Business Blueprint Masterclass.

In this free class, I'm sharing the three mistakes that driven entrepreneurs can't afford to make if you want to scale your profit without increasing your hours. This masterclass is your behind-the-scenes pass to shifting away from the overwhelm and overwork you might be experiencing right now.

Imagine transforming your business into a well-oiled money-making machine, giving you the time and money freedom you truly deserve. And the best part? I did it all with a sustainable system that allows me to work just 16 hours weekly.

So, here's your call to action: check out The Legacy Business Blueprint Masterclass. It's the key to unlocking the secrets of shifting from 80+ hour work weeks to building a multi-million-dollar business in just 16 hours weekly.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into the system that can change the game for your business. This is your chance to stop overworking in your business and start growing on your terms. Head over to now and let's kickstart your journey to a more successful, balanced, and profitable business.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to sustainable success. Your support means the world, and together, we can empower more women entrepreneurs to achieve the time and financial freedom they deserve. Here's to your success – let's make it happen together! Thanks so much for watching and remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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