Do You Need To Be Perfect To Achieve Happiness?

Apr 19, 2021

Happy Monday Friend!

When did we start to feel inadequate all the darn time?

I am chalking it up to social media! 

Now you know I LOVE social media! 

  • I love meeting new awesome women, like yourself!
  • I love sharing insight with friends to hopefully help them!
  • I love building my business from anywhere with social media!

But as a kid who grew up in the era before we posted EVERYTHING on the internet, I just don't remember feeling so much comparison in life back then!

There were always the pretty, popular girls in school who I admired, but I never felt the need to compete!

Now I feel like it comes at us, all day everyday between social media, TV, magazines, and so much more!

Personally, I never really felt the need to compete with other women. Somehow I knew I was unique and if people did not like me for who I was, then they were probably not going to want to be around me.

No clue where I got that self-confidence from as a kid but it has served me well in life!  I truly think it might stem though from being an only child and really enjoying my own company!

I am a true introvert (yes that's true, but I know hard to believe!) and I love being alone!  So if you love being alone, you kind of have to love hanging out with yourself because there is no one else around!

So what do we do about it???

Watch the video in this post for my two tips on how to combat the need to be perfect!

Then join me Tuesday, April 20th at 8pm est in my Facebook Group Passion. Purpose. Posture. to hear from my inspiring new friend Kelsey Buckholtz!

She is going to be speaking on - "How to Stop the Endless Cycle of Pleasing, Perfecting and Performing"!

During this Q&A, we’ll be talking about Kelsey’s journey with anxiety, people-pleasing and perfectionism. In her new book Strong Calm Confident You, she shares the tips and tricks she learned to break the cycle and ultimately learn to love herself again, with the goal of helping other women do the same. 

Kelsey has so much insight to share, so I hope you join us Tuesday, April 20th at 8pm!

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you about what you do to embrace who you really are in life!  Reach out to me on Messenger!


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