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The Summer Book Series to Finding Life Balance - Episode 9 blog post books empowerment personal development shonda rhimes summer book series women year of yes Aug 23, 2021

Hey Friend!


Sounds like a pretty simple word...

For some people, YES is an easy word and they say it wayyyyy too much (Hello Boundaries!)

For others, YES is scary and keeps them from reaching their greatness!

For Shonda Rhimes...Yes was keeping her locked in her pantry (read the book to...

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The Summer Book Series to Finding Life Balance - Episode 5 books brooke baldwin empowerment gen x women huddle personal development summer book series women Jul 26, 2021

Hey Friend!

It's time to:

  • Push those shoulders back
  • Hold your head high
  • Lock arms with another woman
  • Run to the Top TOGETHER!

Have you ever thought running to the top meant going it alone because there may be only one seat and YOU want it???

Well I got news for you!  There are probably...

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The Summer Book Series to Finding Life Balance - Episode 3 authenticity believe it blog post books jamie kern lima personal development summer book series women Jul 12, 2021

Hey Friend!

Have you ever thought to yourself "wow this woman seems totally different online?"

I know I have!

See I built my businesses on social media and have for 4+ years now, so I have met quite a few women online and then finally in person and not many are the same!

I admit, I am not as...

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Do You Want To Be Part of the 1%? blog post celebration course focus on what you want gen x women morning routine women Apr 26, 2021

Hey Friends!

I hope you have found value in these blog posts...time has completely flown by and we are already at the 2 month mark!

Today I am celebrating the completion of my class which helped me launch my Free Resource - The Gen X Survival Guide - A 10 Minute Morning Routine to Start Each...

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Do You Need To Be Perfect To Achieve Happiness? empowerment gen x women kelsey buckholtz love your life love yourself perfectionism strong calm confident you women Apr 19, 2021

Happy Monday Friend!

When did we start to feel inadequate all the darn time?

I am chalking it up to social media! 

Now you know I LOVE social media! 

  • I love meeting new awesome women, like yourself!
  • I love sharing insight with friends to hopefully help them!
  • I love building my business...
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