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Entrepreneurial Mindset Characteristics that Drive Business Success

90 day planning entrepreneurship mindset quarterly planning Mar 28, 2023
Entrepreneurial Mindset Characteristics that Drive Business Success

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Do you want to know the key characteristics of a successful business mindset? 

Learning the traits you need to develop to be an effective entrepreneur and achieve success in your business ventures is key!

Today I am sharing with you my Top 10 characteristics that drive business success!

Anyone can start a business especially nowadays with all the resources that are available!  But the staggering statistics on long term business success are still not good!  20% of businesses fail within the first year, almost 50% do not make it to year five and ONLY 35% can celebrate 10 years! This is why it is critical to learn and implement a system that allows you to build the key characteristics for a legacy business that lasts!

I want you to succeed and that is why today I am giving you the Top 10 to focus on improving within yourself!

#1 - Self motivation

This means having the drive and determination to move forward in spite of obstacles and setbacks.  You are going to continuously face challenges in your business!  It does not matter how much your revenue is, how long you have been in business or how big your team is!  Challenges never go away!  Which means you need to learn how to deal with them effectively so you push through and keep going!

#2 - Self confidence

Believing in yourself and your abilities to make decisions and take action is HUGE! You gain self confidence skills by celebrating all the little wins along the way as you grow your business!  And accepting the losses as learning opportunities that are bringing you closer to your next win!

#3 - Risk taking

Being comfortable with taking calculated risks and understanding the potential rewards might be something you already excel at or this could be super scary for you!  Being able to look at an opportunity, assess your risk quickly and make a decision will move your business forward faster.  Not all decisions will be the right ones, but at least you won’t be stuck with regrets or in overthinking!

#4 - Adaptability

Being able to adjust to new situations and quickly find solutions will help you stay on top in your industry!  You need to accept now that NOTHING will ever stay the same, so once you realize that things are going to change consistently, you can better plan for that! Being adaptable will help your business pivot easier when needed!

#5 - Creativity

Thinking outside the box to develop innovative strategies and products could be something you are already a natural at or struggle with!  If you are a natural, but sometimes overwhelm yourself with all your creativity, use a journal to write everything down but then prioritize them based on what you think is best to do first!

If you struggle with creativity, which is me at times, ask for help!  Enlist the help of a fellow woman in business or a coach who can help guide you through this process!

Are you getting excited about these mindset shifts that will scale your business?  I know I am, so let’s keep going!

#6 - Focus

Staying on task and not getting distracted by unimportant details is HUGE. If you are feeling busy, overwhelmed and overworked, then you are probably not focused on what moves the needle in your business.

We spend wayyy too much time on things that are not important or do not need to be done right now or ever. Why?  Maybe because we like those tasks better than the hard ones.  Regardless you need to have a clear vision in order to find focus and keep you on track for success!

#7 - Positivity

Being optimistic and looking for the bright side in all situations is not living in a rainbows and unicorns world.  It just means you are not dwelling on what went wrong. You know how to find a solution, fix a problem and then move on!  This is key for future growth without fear of making mistakes!

#8 - Resourcefulness

Being able to make the most out of limited resources is integral no matter your revenue size.  You might think that when your business hits 6 or 7 or 8 figures that all your financial limitations will be gone…Nope, it’s like the song, more money, more problems.

This is why learning this entrepreneurial mindset shift is a must if you want to be able to keep scaling! Entrepreneurs with this characteristic know how to make the dollar go a long way!

#9 - Goal setting

Establishing objectives and developing plans to achieve them is a MUST in life and business!  If you truly want something, you need to have a clear vision and goals that align!

I am a big advocate for working in 90 day segments and writing 90 day business plans that drive success!  This strategy has served me well my whole career and has allowed me to grow personally and professionally.

If you want to learn more about developing a 90 day business plan, then check out this other video here!

Last but oh so important is #10 - Communication

Creating strong relationships with customers and team members will gain you respect as a leader!  There is a certain way to deliver those hard messages that people will need to hear! And as an entrepreneur it is your job to deliver them with the same respect you would want someone to say them to you!

Get to know your audience and learn how they like to receive feedback if possible. Then use The Sandwich Technique - Positive - Negative - Positive to deliver the message. Say something positive, then deliver what needs to be improved, then end with a positive.  When you sandwich the negative between 2 positives, the message will resonate with the recipient!

Entrepreneur success is built on strong relationships and those are built with honest communication!  And as they say, the more conversations you have, the better you will become at them. So don’t shy away from them!

In Summary,

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is essential for business success. It involves having an open-minded attitude, being creative, taking risks, and having a strong drive to succeed. These characteristics will help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals. With the right mindset and a little hard work, you can make your dreams of success a reality.

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode! Remember to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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