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Implement Business Systems: Simplify Your Work and Reclaim Your Time

systems systems to set you free Jun 11, 2024
Implement Business Systems: Simplify Your Work and Reclaim Your Time

Ready to simplify your work and reclaim your time?

If you have been working 7 days a week in some capacity by checking email on weekends, answering client calls at night and dealing with team issues before breakfast for more than 90 days in your business, I completely understand why you’re doing this because I was doing the same thing in my first business!

My parents taught me I could have whatever I wanted in life, all I had to do was work for it! So, I worked and worked and worked some more without thinking through what was truly necessary to grow a 6-Figure+ business but what I found is all I was doing was trading time for money.

Can you relate?  

I now know that working hard does not guarantee success, because after 3 years of working 80+ hour weeks, I would not consider myself successful. Sure, I had the gross revenue, but my profits were minimal and let’s not talk about the life I had, basically I had no life at all!

I know now the piece I was missing, and you’re probably missing too, was implementing business systems to set me free!

When I ask my women entrepreneur clients why they have not implemented systems into their business, the resounding answer is TIME!  They are so focused on checking off their never-ending to-do list of tasks, just like I was, that spending time developing a system, seems like a waste of their priceless time!

The problem with thinking this way is that you're building a business based on tasks you can check off your list daily... not systems!

Good news! 

Today I am sharing with you Step 2 of my 3-step process on how to implement systems into your business to improve productivity, efficiency and output without wasting your precious time!

Hey there, I’m Sailynn, Your FUN Business Coach and I empower women to banish burnout & boost profits so you can enjoy a healthy work life balance in just 90 days!

Last week, I covered the essential first step in my 3 step process, which will guide you on how to determine where to get started and what systems are needed in your business to get quick results!  If you missed that training, here is the link “Effective Systems for Business: Your Path to Productivity & Growth.

I have an entire pillar inside my signature program, The Legacy Business School, that teaches you everything you need to know about integrating systems into your business. I don’t want to overwhelm now, so today we are covering step 2 in my 3 step process so you can now develop the systems you determined will get you the best results as fast as possible!

Step Two is Develop the System

While this sounds super simple, we seem to overcomplicate it with having the right technology, adding too many steps, or not enough steps that critical pieces are missed!

So let me lay out how to develop your system without having to time block hours that you don’t have!

First, you want to review your calendar and determine when is the next time you will be using this system. Depending on the system this could be something you use daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Let me give you some examples:

I have a daily routine that I complete every morning before I dive into my workday. Every 90 days I update this routine, so I need extra time every 90 days to update all the pieces. Sometimes I update it all at once but sometimes I work on it for an entire week.

Another system of mine is this video, which is part of my Facebook and YouTube strategy that I execute weekly. When this system needs to be updated, which is normally every 90 days, I add in extra time as I rewrite the system.

And I have a 90-day tax system where I sit down on the first Saturday of the quarter and review my metrics for the previous quarter and compile my tax documents, so come year end, I am prepped and ready!

As you can see, I tend to review most of my business systems every 90 days, which is a strategy I have been using for my entire career that has served me well because it keeps them relevant and updated!

So, once you determine when you will be using your system next, the Second thing you want to do is to add in extra time to design the system WHILE you are doing it!  This is going to save you from always putting this task off in your business thinking you don’t have the time to do this!

Now depending on the complexity of the system you are developing, you may need extra minutes or hours, it will really depend on the system!  Please note, most of the time we underestimate the amount of time a task will take us, that is why we feel like we are always running from task to project to appointment. What I like to do, to keep it simple, is just double the amount of time I think it will take. So, if you think it will take you 1 hour, block off 2 hours. This will allow you some breathing room to get it right and maybe also some free space in your calendar to just sit and strategize without distractions!

We now have reviewed your calendar to determine when we will use the system next, we have blocked off enough time in our calendar to document the system, finally we must actually do the work.

My advice, use the KISS method Keep It Simple Sailynn, yes, I modified that!

You can use a Google Doc or Sheet. You can use software like Trello or Asana. Or you can be creative and use video to document the system.  Do what you think you and your support team will best utilize.  Remember everyone learns differently, some people like to read, while others like to watch or listen. So, try and make it as user friendly as possible!

Once you complete these 3 pieces on Step 2 of this 3-step process, you will be on your way to simplifying your work and reclaiming your time!

Make sure you hit the like or subscribe button, because next week’s video will cover step 3 in developing your system that will help you work out all the kinks in your system before delegating it to a support team member like an employee or VA or contractor or agency!

If you found this info helpful, I would encourage you to join me inside my free training: The No BS Work Life Balance Workshop where I am sharing the 3 Vital Shifts to Banish Burnout, Boost Profits, and Reignite Your Entrepreneurial Fire!

This is the exact blueprint, I used inside my senior home care franchise business to shift from working 80+ hour weeks to just 16 while tripling my business revenue and 4x my personal paycheck. And I am using this same blueprint inside my coaching business to avoid burnout and work part time hours! You can find the link in below:

And if you have any questions, DM me on Instagram or Facebook

Thanks so much for watching and remember to live your one life!


Your FUN Business Coach

Creator of The Legacy Business System


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