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My Easy Tip To Setting Boundaries!

boundaries challenge clubhouse morning routine women Mar 15, 2021

Hey Friends!

I joined the new social media platform Clubhouse in mid January and knew right away this was something I was going to love!

If you have never heard of Clubhouse, no worries, its iOS only right now while still in beta testing so only about 6 million people have the app!  Basically it is an interactive podcast experience where you can Start a Club, and host topics in Rooms!  There are so many topics to choose from, you will definitely find something you enjoy!

After listening to a Room in the Hey Girl, You Can Club, I knew I wanted to host my own!  So I started on this journey February 3rd and it has been so exciting to connect with more women across the world!

On Wednesday's, I host a Room called "Hey Girl, You Can Set Boundaries" and what I have learned is that many women struggle with this!  So I wanted to give you my number 1 tip to make this easier!

Set Goals!

Huh? That's the genius tip?  Yup!

Here's why...

When you have clear, intentional goals that you review on a daily basis, it is so much easier to say no to things, if they do not align with your goals!

For instance...someone asked me a few weeks back to join this organization and while it sounded amazing, it was not the right fit for me and my goals!  

So I thanked her for the invite like this..."Hey Suzy!  Thanks so much for the invite to be a part of your organization!  While it sounds amazing, it does align with my goals right now!  I totally appreciate you thinking of me...can I share this invite with someone else in my network?"

See how simple that was!  Its called a Sandwich Thank You - Thank you, No, Compliment/Offer Help!

I have used this technique for a long time and it works!  Just keep it short and sweet and people will love you even more for saying no and connecting them with others who may be a better fit!

Now you might be thinking...but how do I know if it aligns with my goals?

Good question!

Do you have monthly, quarterly, yearly goals?

Do you read them out loud to yourself daily?

If not, you need to join me next week for "The 5 Day 5 Minute Morning Routine Challenge" in my Passion. Purpose. Posture. Facebook Group!

We are going to talk all about Morning Routine's and why you need one!

I would love to hear your comments on how you set boundaries and if you use the Sandwich technique!

xoxo Sailynn...

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