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Work - Life Balance Hacks! blog post books clubhouse focus on what you want gen x women how to figure out life overachiever's guide personal development work-life balance Jun 14, 2021

Hey Friend!

Balance - a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance!

The key words above are "proper amounts"


Balance does not have to be 50-50!  That was an Aha moment for me!

As we go through our lives,...

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My Easy Tip To Setting Boundaries! boundaries challenge clubhouse morning routine women Mar 15, 2021

Hey Friends!

I joined the new social media platform Clubhouse in mid January and knew right away this was something I was going to love!

If you have never heard of Clubhouse, no worries, its iOS only right now while still in beta testing so only about 6 million people have the app! ...

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