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How to Find Your Passion

Are you passionate about your daily life?

They say if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life! I personally find that statement very misleading and one that stumped me for many, many years!
To the point, that I felt left behind, lost, and just going through the motions of life searching for my one thing!

All of my college roommates graduated with a plan and job, and I graduated with neither! I was completely lost on the “what do you want to do” question!

So today I am sharing with you how I found my passion and how you can too!

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Has anyone ever asked you what you were passionate about? Maybe it was a friend, family member, or it could be one of those dreaded interview questions back in the day!

I have pondered this question for a long time because I never really found the answer, until I did some soul searching and asked for help!

If you are someone who right off the bat knew what they were passionate about and has been living a life where you are totally fulfilled! Congratulations! You are part of a small percentage!

One of the challenges I faced was finding that ONE THING! I mean one, I can only pick one thing to be passionate about. Wow that is like picking your destiny and living it for the rest of your hopefully long life! What I learned was that by focusing on finding my one thing, I was missing out on so many other things in life. Researchers call this having a “fixed mindset” which is not a good thing!

Challenge #2 I faced was, okay so if I am searching for this big passion of mine, how do I know when I find it? Will there be like a bell that goes off or something to let me know, THIS IS IT! To this day, no door has opened, no bell has gone off, so how do I find my passion?

And finally challenge number #3 for me, was determining once I find my one thing, will I be as passionate about it in 10, 20, 30 years from now or will I have to start this process all over again! Which seems super daunting!

If you are feeling like I was, please know you are not alone! Finding what you are passionate about is not an easy journey but its totally possible with some simple mindset shifts!

Here is what I did:

1. I applied and tried many different jobs! I had 5 jobs in 7 years after college and each one got me closer to figuring out what I wanted and did not want! My mom said I was a professional interviewer! However, these experiences helped me hone the skills I enjoyed which in turn kept me moving forward! So, applying for jobs, programs, opportunities that you are necessarily not 100% qualified for makes you push yourself out of your box which is a great mindset shift!

2. I was open to trying new things because I was not afraid of failure! When I quit my good paying job in 2007 to purchase my franchise with absolutely no savings stashed away, most people would be afraid to fail or might not have taken that risk. But I just thought, if I don’t go for it, how will I ever know! So, training your brain to learn from experiences vs fear failures was a huge shift!

3. I was open to honest feedback! I admit, I am stubborn and thick headed at times, but I learned I had to put my ego aside and listen to the professional’s advice if I wanted to get closer to my dream life! This was probably the hardest mindset shift for me, but what I realized was if I could listen to their advice and coaching, I was able to move faster!

What I have realized in life as I searched for my one thing was that instead of finding your passion, it is more a journey to self-realization, which can change as you grow!
Yes, my company is called Passion Purpose Posture LLC and yes my tagline has “Find Your Passion” in it, but what I mean by that is finding you as a person! It’s about self-growth, finding yourself, figuring out what you want, and moving forward on your journey no matter what!

So yes, you can find your passion, but just know it does not have to be one thing, or the only thing in life! It changes as you travel along your life journey!


In summary, if you are feeling like I was and have been struggling to find your one thing, or at least one thing you are passionate about in life, I would encourage you to start your journey by reaching out to someone who can help guide you on your path to finding your passion! Every mentor and coach that I worked with gave me the courage I needed to keep going and not settle in life!

Again, I have empowered you with tips and a free resource to help you live this one life we were given! This week I am offering you a FREE one on one Strategy Session! Click on the Image Below to Book a FREE Strategy Session where I will help you with 2 things: 1) get crystal clear on the lifestyle and business you want to create and 2) put some simple systems in place to make it happen! 

And don’t forget to live this one life you were given!

Life is a Journey and I am so glad you are on it with me!

xoxo Sailynn...

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